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Job Vacancy as a Barista

A fantastic job as a Barista. Are you ready?

Business in the Food and Beverages (F & B) is very unique. In this business there is a job that can make someone famous and rich. Head cook (Chef) can also be a celebrity and have a show on television. Coffee enthusiasts will recognize the specific profession generally works in cafes, coffee shops and coffee mills. This unique profession called Barista.
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A beautiful Barista. Image:

Are you interested in working as a Barista? For this profession you have to understand the history of coffee, types of coffee, able to distinguish Robusta and Arabica coffee. You should also be able to recognize regular coffee, medium and premium grade coffee. You also must be able to distinguish the origin of the coffee beans, for example, what is the difference of coffee from Bali, Java, Papua, Colombia, Ethiopia or Brazil.

You must also understand how to make good coffee recipe of ingredients Kopi Luwak, organic coffee and a variety of coffee available from various countries. Kopi Luwak and high quality organic coffee usually comes from Bali, Sumatra, Papua and Java.

Barista certificate.

Perhaps you should become a true coffee connoisseur so that you can love the profession as a barista. I think the barista looks like a music producer; you have to understand the rhythm of the music, so you can make the right composition, as well as a barista.

You can learn to be a barista in Australia. In Australia there is a special academy to learn to be a barista. You can learn also this unique skill also in USA, Europe and other big cities in Asia.  If you pass, you will receive a certificate, so that you can use to apply for jobs to the famous coffee shop. A cup of espresso, cappuccino or cafe latte devised by a dedicated barista will make customers of a coffee shop is always returned. If this happens, it will be easy to achieve good salaries and higher career.

Barista creation. Image:
 If you want your customers are satisfied with a cup of coffee you serve, and then you certainly should be able to choose the right coffee beans, roasting at the right temperature, and then mix it with boiling water at the right temperature. Though there are many modern coffee makers, you cannot count on 100 percent sophistication of the coffee machine.

Opportunity to gain a position as manager is wide open for barista profession. You must be prepared to work from the bottom, from an assistant, supervisor until you are believed to be responsible as a manager.

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Barista in action. Image:
If you work in a network of branded coffee shop, then your career opportunities can be very high as the General Manager, Senior Vice President and a variety of other high positions. Now the coffee processing company that produces instant coffee also requires the expertise of a barista, although not so many companies are recruiting a barista. Now the chances are more open for a barista.   

Are you interested in working as a barista? In Australia, the barista profession is greatly appreciated, so a barista who has a lot of fans will be followed by the customer wherever he worked. Famous coffee shops in Australia are very afraid that losing a famous barista. This fact or appreciation to a barista will happen in your town and elsewhere in the world. My advice, if you are well known as a barista, thinks about opening your own coffee shop. If that happens, make sure you invite me to the opening of your coffee shop.

Please remember this: Drinking Coffee is a Tradition That Unites People in The World. Are you ready to work as a professional Barista?

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