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Tips to be successful as secretary

What are your views about a secretary in a company or office? Well dressed woman with high heels and dress neatly. That picture of some people when they hear the word secretary. That is the stereotypical assumption. You should not under estimate the work of a secretary because the secretary is responsible as the employer's right hand in regulating the activity of the company and the intermediary between the parties with the boss who wants to communicate with superiors.

Profession as a secretary is usually synonymous with women, this was due to secretarial jobs require a level of high accuracy and neatness. For women aged 20-30 years, a secretary may be a promising career option. So, what are the requirements to become a good secretary?

Requirements to become a secretary, among others:

As a an asisstant of the boss, a secretary must have certain requirements in order to carry out the job of a secretary as well as possible.

1. Have a diploma and work experience to be a secretary, you must have a minimum diploma degree becomes a secretary or an experienced receptionist / administrative staff for a minimum of 2 years.

2. It has insightful knowledge, insight and skills that will be useful for the company. Example:
a. Mastering a foreign language which will make it easier to communicate with corporate     relations from overseas.
b. Have expertise in correspondence, communications, file storage system, to organize a business meeting.
c. Able to operate computer programs, such as Microsoft Office, email and Internet.

3. Have a good personality good personality is one important condition to be a secretary, the secretary is required to be people who can be trusted because the company holds many secret documents, have a way for communicating with many people, have a good memory, friendly, patient, disciplined and responsible.

4. Secretary to look attractive is the face of the company secretary is required to be neat and attractive appearance at any time since his appearance could reflect company.

Their secretarial duties such as: making a correspondence (the relationship with corporate relations) and they act as a liaison to forward information to the relation.

In addition, the secretary of the meeting schedule is also in charge of organizing the bosses, who receive visitors will meet with the manager or directors, preparation for organizing a meeting to prepare the administrative / accounting firm. The position of secretary is very important and strategic in a company or organization.

To determine the salary of a secretary, work experience also helped determine the salary to be received. The amount of salary according to experience, competence and work performance.

About working hours, the secretary used to work 8 hours a day as stated in the Act (law) and they always got the day off on weekends. But sometimes, employers often ask them to work overtime, but everything is refers to the employment agreement which has been agreed. Usually for women who are single, there are special rules that require them to not have children until the contract is completed or until they are appointed as permanent employees. For those of you who want a career as secretary, began as a young career. So when you are planning to become pregnant, you have become permanent employees.

Additional tips: If you want to be a successful secretary, then you should always add to the knowledge and skills according to your work area. If there is a club or organization for secretary, then you should join. You'll get a lot of benefit if the organization is in accordance with your profession. There are many stories, that the career of a secretary can also be very fantastic, could even be a general manager or company leader. You can reach a high career  in any business, even a secretary can have a higher career in the future.


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