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Simple tips to make a good resume

At times of recession, also in a good economic situation, finding a job is not something easy, especially in difficult economic conditions. If economic growth is low, so the unemployment rate will rise. The more people who become unemployed and this has a chance to get a job rather limited. We have to compete and who are really good just selected. This means that we should strive hard and give your best. First and foremost is to provide resume because resume is the first step to allow you into the working environment.

A resume is the most basic steps in making job applications. Good resume should have a positive impact on the interviewer.

For those looking for work try to follow the tips that we provide. There are ten tips that I want to give it to you, is as follows:

   1. Do not send your resume without identity papers. This will give the impression as if you are not interested to get the job.
   2. Identification must be made with neat and orderly. Your resume should be typed to make it look neat and more informal, readable and easy to make corrections. Do not send a photocopy resume as it will give a bad image for you, you seem determined not sunguh.
   3. Resumes must be in one page only. So, it must be brief, concise and clear.
   4. Write your own! It is not wrong if you make a reference from the sample or the existing format, but should you write own and certainly more satisfying results. In addition, you also have to honest when making your resume. If you exaggerate your ability, you would shame if it is known later.
   5. Avoid the 'gimmicks' such as photos, paintings and other cartoons. Resumes should be formal and clean and easy to read. Placed gimmicks will not get a better valuation. So do not waste time to make the gimmick. Moreover, it seems as if you were still immature, can not differentiate between formal and personal letters.
   6. Your resume should be focused in your own skills, particularly in areas related to your working tree.
   7. Use numbers or lines so that your resume looks neat.
   8. Your resume should also be accurate and specific to the topic under discussion so that they become active and positive.
   9. Do not waste space with unnecessary words. Let every word written is meaningful and supports the objectives of your resume writing.
  10. Make several drafts and give your resume to several people for review. If there are grammatical or spelling, make corrections. Resumes that have too many errors will have an adverse effect on its readers.

To strengthen your confidence, then you can look for references or examples of resumes in a variety of guide books, you can even find examples and templates on the Internet. There is a good idea to consult with family or friends who have had experience creating a resume. They will provide advice and examples to your resume. They will definitely help you because they care about your future, and they want you to immediately get a good job.


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