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Work Overseas, tips and solution

World in crisis? Can our government and our senator or parliament member and politicians save us? 

Are you happy with your current position in your office?

There are a lot of job opportunities outside your country. If you’re recent job is not sound so good, it’s time to think twice about your future. You must seek a new solution to push your career. Take your time to search job information both online and offline. Work abroad? Yes, why not? 

Work overseas is an excellent way to make your resume more colorful and professional. Think outside your field. You might be an engineer, but if you're looking for work and you're already living abroad, you might not have a lot of success. On the other hand, you could probably tutor someone in math, English or other foreign languages. 

Deliver your resume to potential employers, in person if possible. Be prepared for the occasional on-the-spot job interview, and always make sure the person you and your resume to know what you're looking for. If you are not confidence about your skills, so you can take an online short course (lesson) or online college.
Work overseas opportunity. Image:
Things you’ll need to apply job overseas are: passport and visa, local bank account, and current copy of your resume(translated is a good idea). If you have enough information about your future employer, you must contact your consulate and/or consulate for further information on whether you’ll need a particular visa to work in that country. You must aware of whether you will need a different visa to work than the visa you already have (a student visa, for example). 

cabin crew, consultants, doctor,  IT job, medical, nurse, job opportunity, job overseas, pilot, professional, teacher, visa, work overseas, Failure to have the proper visa can lead to serious trouble with the local authorities. Also be aware that any money you make overseas is still subject to taxation by your home country, as well as to any local taxes. Make sure that you find quick information about this matter.

Asian and European countries, also other country such as Australia, Qatar, Uni Emirate Arab, etc are opens for foreign workers. They need your skills in many areas. You are lucky if you have a certificate in accounting, nurse, medical doctor, pilot, cabin crew, teachers, hospitality, IT consultants, and other specific skills. It’s a good idea to seek more information online and local newspapers. You can earn more money that you can save for your future investment.
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Tip as a Yoga teacher and achieve inner satisfaction and rich financially

There are many ways to live healthy and happy, both physically and spiritual. Yoga and meditation is a unique way to achieve it. If you have mastered the basics of yoga, then you not only can live better and healthier, then Yoga will make your life more meaningful, as well as make you richer financially. Yoga can give you a whole way of life, to become a yoga instructor or a yoga teacher. You certainly can find simple tips to realize your dream as a yoga instructor or yoga trainer.

Yoga can be said to have two sides, ie beneficial for you personally, can also be useful to other people around you. You can deepen your yoga skills, and achieve a certificate that can take you for sharing, and provide financial benefits to you. If you have a certificate of Yoga, you can open a yoga class, yoga can even open a workshop in the future. With increasing expertise and experience, then you can become a nationally renowned yogi, and globally.
If you have decided to become a yoga instructor, then you need to be sure that you want to the make of Yoga such a big part of your life. There's more to teaching yoga than just getting certified and then going to work every day. That's why you need a certificate that will ensure you as a qualified trainer. There are different yoga certification programs out there, and you have to do some research. 

Yoga teacher, yoga instructor, yoga trainer, yoga class in Bali, yoga workshop in Bali, yoga class, yogi, yoga teacher tips
Yoga training in Bali. Image:
Compare different programs first before committing yourself. For that, you have to look for information about yoga school (academy) who actually has the authority to issue a certificate of yoga that is recognized nationally or internationally. The school you decide on must be accredited by the Yoga Alliance. If it is not, then your diploma may not necessarily be very useful.

According to Varshil Morakhiya an author of Yoga, Before enrolling in a yoga certification program, it would be a wise idea to practice yoga intensively for at least a year. This will help you to demonstrate that yoga is a major influence in your lifestyle. Most schools will prefer to take on veteran yoga enthusiast. Integrate yoga into your daily routine and you will likely be considered a promising applicant. Practicing yoga for a while will also help you decide if this is something you want to do as a profession.

Yoga teacher, yoga instructor, yoga trainer, yoga class in Bali, yoga workshop in Bali, yoga class, yogi, yoga teacher tips
Yoga class in Bali. Image:
If you have any spare time that is long enough, then you can join a yoga class or a yoga workshop in Bali, so you will get a complete picture of your new profession as a yoga teacher or yoga trainer. At the same time you will enjoy a wonderful holiday in Bali, and can exchange ideas and learn about yoga from yoga teachers, and trainees who come from all over the world. Bali is a paradise for yoga.

Kumar Shah, a renowned author of Yoga also reminded the yoga instructor, ie All the Yoga exercises are meant to achieve absolute benefits with full respect to both physical and health functioning of an individual. Each and every course of Yoga is actually based on two common central themes, that is, Hatha Yoga and Raj Yoga. When these two common themes are combined together into one practice, they benefit the joints and series of motions that are needed in practicing Yoga.

Kumar Shah also give clues that one of the advantages of a Yoga teacher course is that, they are carefully planned with a goal of helping one to exercise far greater control over much of physical and physiological Reviews their energies to Ensure that Reviews These energies are focused towards more beneficial purposes rather than the destructive ones.
Yoga teacher, yoga instructor, yoga trainer, yoga class in Bali, yoga workshop in Bali, yoga class, yogi, yoga teacher tips
Yoga worksop in Bali. Image:

Being a yoga trainer, or a yoga instructor is one option to make money legally, and you will get the gifts of the universe, that you have to share knowledge about a unique sport to many people. Yoga is a physical and mental exercise that originated in the times of ancient India, and very universal, so that it can be practiced by every human being regardless of their background. Yoga is like the music of the universe, like the sun that illuminates human life and all corners of the earth.

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New Job vacancies in Sydney Australia

Great news for job seekers. There are two jobs available in Sydney, Australia. Grab this fantastic job opportunities to change your career. Enjoy a new life in Sydney. Hays, a companey based in Sydney needs an Associate Director & Foreign Exchange Officer.

A rare and fantastic opportunity has arisen for an Associate Director within the Foreign Exchange team based in Sydney, Australia. Sydney is a cosmopolitan city in Australia. You will love this beautiful city.

Associate Director Job description:

You will identify and on board new, and grow existing, Foreign Exchange, Commodity and risk management opportunities. You will have a great jobs. Reporting to the Director, you will identify and on board new existing FX opportunities.

You will manage retention and growth of the existing client base as well as managing pipeline to achieve individual, state and national business goals.

As Associate Director, you will deliver on individual plan and contribute to the total profit outcome for Business Markets through the conversion of new and existing FX opportunities; Facilitate a seamless handover of customers to FX dealers; Monitor risk and manage compliance requirements; Improve internal and stakeholder knowledge through proactive sales meetings; Assist State Business marketing teams via FX dealing; Commit to ongoing continuous improvement and implementation of processes to optimise team performance.

To be successful in this role you will have extensive experience selling FX (forex) solutions to business/commercial clients within a major banking institution. You will have the ability to generate leads, build rapport and convert new business.

You will be driven and passionate about developing a team and market with incredible potential.A tertiary qualification in a relevant field will be highly advantageous as well as a thorough understanding of the FX market.

If this role sounds suited to yourself or somebody you know, please send your CV or your resume with immediate effect to

Job vacancy as Foreign Exchange Officer in Hays.
Forex jobs, foreign exchange jobs, Foreign Exchange Officer, Associate Director, job available, job vacancy, work in Australia, work overseas, job abroad, Sydney
Sydney, Australia. Imge:
An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced Foreign Exchange Officer to work within a dynamic team based in Sydney CBD.

This role is a twelve month fixed term contract opportunity.

Foreign Exchange Officer jobs description:

You will be responsible for the daily operational processing, ensuring that all payment, confirmation and investigation obligations have been met whilst ensuring excellent customer service; You will be the main point of contact for all trade related queries; Daily checklist completion; Identify opportunities for system an process enhancements.

You will have extensive and great experience dealing with Foreign Exchange settlements and be confident in communicating with key stakeholders on a daily basis.

You will have specific product knowledge in Foreign Exchange, commodities, options and money market financial transaction, coupled with a high attention to detail and the ability to work in a face paced environment.

You will want to work in a dynamic, enthusiastic team and be able to communicate in an articulate and confident manor. Get fantastic opportunity to earn new career now. 

If this role sound suited to yourself, please send your resume or your CV to for immediate consideration.

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Are you ready to live in Sydney?

Change your career now. Submit your resume (CV) today. If you don’t need this job, don’t forget to share this information for your friends or family.

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Working for World Food Programme

There are new jobs overseas. Get experience working abroad now with WFP (World Food Programme), a United Nations agency. If you have the soul of humanity, and requires global experience, so this is a real opportunity for you, then you can get the best chance for an international career.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the largest humanitarian organization in the world and supported 2013, 80 million people in more than 70 countries support with food assistance. Currently, more than 13,500 people work for WFP.

As the United Nation front line agency in the fight against hunger, WFP is at a critical point in its history where its next steps can help pave the way for achieving zero hunger. While the organization continues to provide world class emergency response, it is focusing its efforts to help prevent hunger in the future. We do this through programmes that use food as a way to build assets, spread knowledge and nurture stronger, more dynamic communities. This helps communities become more food secure.

If you are interested in working for WFP, can be found on this page information on job vacancies. WFP is responsible as a UN organization itself for jobs and recruitment. 
WFP is continuously looking for responsible and qualified people who fight with our team of global hunger. WFP can offer exciting and varied international job opportunities at all levels.

Internships in the Liaison Office of the WFP in Berlin
WFP Liaison Office in Berlin was founded in late 2004 with the mission to maintain contact with existing and potential partner and donor institutions. It also aims to make the fight against hunger, WFP's work in the German-speaking area known more.
job overseas, job abroad, international jobs, United nation jobs, Internships, new career, international career, job available
New job in WPF. Image:
Internships at the headquarters of WFP in Rome

Internships are also available at the headquarters of WFP in Rome. For more information, please visit

Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme
Junior Professional Officer (JPO) are qualified young people under 32 years who were selected by their own government, according to various aptitude tests to work for international organizations such as WFP.

The government of each country pays for the salary and benefits for two to three years. The time period is from the contract between the government and WFP dependent. JPO can work both in the WFP headquarters in Rome and in one of the connection or the 80 country offices.
job overseas, job abroad, international jobs, United nation jobs, Internships, new career, international career, job available
Bond Girl Maria Grazia Cucinotta, WPF ambassador. Image:
For more information on JPO bodies and ministries, where you can apply for JPO positions, please click here. German enthusiasts had landed here for the competent authority. For questions about the JPO Programme, please contact us by e-mail in English to:

 Short-term and consultancy contracts (consultancies)
WFP is continuously looking for temporary lecturers and consultants (consultants). These sites are often limited to a period of between 3 and 11 months. Consultants have usually have expertise in a particular area, to assist WFP staff with additional knowledge. Information and current job openings, please visit the English website of the WFP.

International Professionals
WFP is always looking for specifically amplifying the team of professionals - especially on the ground in developing countries. In order to support effectively and quickly spot affected people, the majority of the Professionals jobs in developing countries.

Therefore, a mobile flexibility prerequisite for a successful application for WFP. Likewise, a university degree in a relevant field, 1-3 years is assumed international work experience in the relevant field and the mastery of two UN languages. For questions about Professionals please contact by e-mail to


If you don’t need this job, don’t forget to share this information for your friends or family. 
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New Jobs in New Zealand. Apply now

Get a new job in Wellington, New Zealand. Carees New Zealand needs people to work in accounting and finance. 

Change your life now. 

Employer: Careers New Zealand

Job Category: 
Accounting & finance
Wellington - Wellington
Job Type:
Ongoing - Part Time
Posted Date:
Closing Date:

Job Description
Wellington based role
  • Part Time 25 Hours per week (some flexibility required)
  • Fantastic opportunity to grow your accounts & finance skills
  • Be part of a close knit team

Careers New Zealand is a government agency that contributes to a highly skilled workforce and strong economy by supporting New Zealanders to make smart career decisions.
We work collaboratively with communities and community organisations, business groups, schools and tertiary organisations to help them develop and implement career development solutions for their people. Our goal is to effectively connect education and training with employment.
As our Finance Support Officer you will play an essential role operating the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems and providing support to the Finance team. We are looking for a person with drive, initiative and flexibility who is keen to join our team.
If you are competent in working with numbers, good at learning new tools, have fast and accurate data entry and great communication skills we want to hear from you. A commitment to customer service is a must.
accounting jobs, finance jobs, jobs in New Zealand, part time job, work in New Zealand, Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand. Image:
Starting salary is likely to fall within the range of $40,000 to $47,000 per annum. This will be pro-rated to reflect 25 hours per week.
Application Process
To find out more please download a copy of the position description, visit our website or call Sonia Johnson on 0800 222 733. To apply, please email

Applications close at 5pm, 6 March 2015.

Are you ready?


If you don’t need this job, don’t forget to share this information for your friends or family. 

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Life without 9 to 5 jobs

There are many people who are stuck in rut, working from 9 am to 5 pm, and often overtime. They set out from the beginning of the morning, often without a proper breakfast. Many young adults and old age are racing against time, the streets jammed and crammed in the middle of the pollution to get a salary every month or every two weeks.  It seems you can not escape from this routine, there is even a possibility you will live until retirement age. Could you change all of that? How about you?

When we were young our parents always remind us to study hard at school or college, so we can work in a big company. They never showed us how to quit from a job trap and start a business so we can be independence in the future. So, what we do if we want to quit from our current job?

If you quit your job and hang up your own shingle, you might work harder for less money. You may enjoy working from home or choosing your own customers, but you might end up living from client to client without building any real income. This is not a good way to build your fortune.
9 to 5 jobs, business plan, entrepreneur, business people, new business, make money, start new business
9 to 5 movie. Image:

Many business owners are unsure of their profitability at a company or job level. They “think” they are making money because they have a few dollars in their checking account. Having money in your checking account doesn’t mean you are profitable. It might simply mean you haven’t paid all the bills yet, so you have a little cash. Cash and profit are two different concepts. If you don’t know your exact income and expenses for each job and your overall business, then how can you know whether you are making a profit? And, if you aren’t profitable, your business won’t last long.
Let’s think big. The real key to successfully creating wealth outside of a job is to avoid the mistake of trading one boss for another boss. You need to stop trading your time for dollars. Stop thinking like a wage slave. Look beyond earned income.

You need to build a business that works for you. Before you quit your job you must make a plan to build a business that offers multiple streams of passive income in addition to your earned income. There are so many exciting ways to design your income portfolio. It requires imagination, bravery and planning. Go to your successful friends and ask their advice how to construct your business so that your daily activities are fun and challenging. Recognize the things that you don’t enjoy or are not good at and search other people to do these activities – outside partners, independent contractors, or part/full time employee.
9 to 5 jobs, business plan, entrepreneur, business people, new business, make money, start new business
Start new business. Image:

There's a free tool in the Internet which will assist you in creating a business plan. Some of the topics you will be required to explain are your Market, Customer, Competition, Marketing Plan, and Research & Development along with financial forecasts. You may consider hiring someone to help you with your financial sheets after completing the written part of the business plan.

Your Business Plan will become your guide and silent business partner - indicating where you need to improve and helping you stay one step ahead of your competition. Make it a priority to have this crucial road map for your business. Don’t forget to set your goal and enhance your vision from time to time.

Let's start a new business. Have fun.
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How to deal a job interview properly

Do you've got a job interview at a company that you dream? If you have not received an interview call, perhaps you need to know tips to face a job interview anytime you get it in the future. There are so many questions that will arise in your mind, although it is not the first interview for you. The questions will probably unsettle you today, however it is very normal. This means that you want to deal with the proper preparation.

By the way, how to prepare for a job interview? What questions do you do in the talks, usually, and how to make a good impression from the first interview? So, if you arrived at the selection interview, it means that you have already done a lot of good. The company has already chosen your curriculum, considered interesting and you contacted to know you better. Through an interview, the company aims to know a person and assess both the technical and professional training is the most interesting aspects of his personality, in the light of future entries.

Please remember, during the selection interview that the company meets the candidate with the specific objective of verifying that his preparation, his motives and personal attitudes are consistent with a specific job position open. Of course, an interview can turn into selection interview that this is not necessarily formalized by the company, who, faced a trained person and brilliant, could imagine his next entry in case of no imminent need.
job interview tips, how to a job interview, job interview solution, good job interview, best job interview tips, job interview information
Job interview. Image:

In any case, therefore, the candidate should always take very seriously the opportunity to be known that he was offered by a company, showing interest in the event that there is actually demonstrating their capability and well equipped to play a given job or by declaring its readiness to start a collaboration even within different than hoped. Because flexibility is one of the most appreciated features in a world of increasingly competitive job. What to do then?

When you get a job interview, you surely will try to prepare for this important event, even for those who've often passed from a job interview. If the interview is your first experience, it is very important to know the tips and simple suggestions for a job interview optinal, as described below:

Accepting on date, time and place of the interview to be on time; should get an appointment with a few minutes early. This is very important so that you have time to feel peace of mind before entering the interview room, and maybe you need to go to the bathroom to freshen up you after your journey from your home or apartment.

job interview tips, how to a job interview, job interview solution, good job interview, best job interview tips, job interview information
Stay calm when you await a job interview. Image:
Ask and remember the name of the person with whom you will have to stand the test of selection; possibly verify the role: it will serve to know with whom we are dealing. Before entering the interview room, remember to turn off your smartphone. After all, you can update your status on facebook, twitter or BlackBerry Messenger after the completion of the all-important job interview this. You can also take pictures selfie after home job interview. Remember to focus and remain calm.

Try to make a good first impression, presenting a dress code but never excessive and taking a professional attitude cordially. Please note: a good handshake will be appreciated, as a look frank and direct. Another special note: Try to show a safe and happy and ready to respond, relevant, concise but complete. Avoid contradictions or lack of preparation on your resume,

Check out your non-verbal communication (gestures, movements, facial expressions) to show openness, flexibility and interest, not anxiety, closing and demotivation, and do not lie, does not benefit either the candidate or the recruiter, and never speak ill about your former colleagues and bosses, and even do not speak ill of the company where you worked before, especially intended to create gossip, very forbidden to do so.

job interview tips, how to a job interview, job interview solution, good job interview, best job interview tips, job interview information
You’re hired. Image:
In due course, ask about the position that is offered or on some aspect of corporate interest: the interview is a meeting in two directions, not an interrogation or an exam, and the real interest is always appreciated. If there was talk of a job position available, ask in what time you can expect a response and, if there is, to emphasize their interest.

The tips mentioned above is not advice that is 100 percent effective, however can you make as a primary basis. You also need to ask for advice from friends who had worked in certain companies that are similar to your company where you get a job interview. Thus you can adjust more easily, because every company must have a characteristic in accordance with the company's business. The most important thing is that you should be confident, focused, and ready physically and mentally.

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Smart tips to write a good job resume

If you're wanted to change jobs or switch careers to a new company, you will definitely see job advertisements in newspapers or job information in various websites. In addition you have a skill or work experience, then the first thing you would do is write a resume, so the interviewer get a first impression about yourself. Good resume will give you an opportunity to get a chance for a job interview. 

A résumé can also be categorized as a "marketing tool" about yourself, so that it can gives the first impression for human resources staff, if you are interesting to be called for the first interview. Therefore you write a resume that must meet certain requirements and be able to demonstrate, if you empolyable. 

On your resume also also clearly written that you meet the qualifications, education, skills, and experience also meet professional standards in the position you are applying. In addition, of course you apply for jobs that fit the needs of the company. To gives good impression, then the font and text on a resume is an important role. Therefore, please choose a professional font in a size 11 or 12. Times New Roman is the classic serif font, Arial or Calibri while are two of the better choices for sans-serif. Many job seekers who do not know this, and they choose a font that is too "stylish", so that your resume will look like the brochure.
résumé tips, resume tips, how to write resume, good resume, job interview, get new job, interview,

                                        Type the resume clearly. Image:
You may make two kinds of fonts in the text that you type, preferably a maximum of two fonts only. There are suggested, and it seems it's a better idea, that if you want to show the highlights of your resume, you can use a bold or Italic on a particular word that you want to emphasize. It’s important to highlight specific skills, attributes, and experiences you have that would be an asset to your new employer.

 WikiHow suggest to you, that when you create a heading, then you have to make sure, that the headings at the top of your resume the which gives all of your contact information Including your name, address, email, and phone number. Your name should be in a slightly larger size - either 14 or 16 point font. If you have both, list your home and cell phone numbers. Unless you are a graphic designer, there's no need to over-think the design of your one-pager. Contact info, the latest two or three jobs with responsibilities, education, and hobbies done. Segment out in the page titles, use bullet points if you will, and the make that one page as simple to read as possible. 

 If you do not have actual work experience or are still within 5 years out of undergrad, you better not hide your GPA. According to financialsamurai; Hiding bad your GPA is a 90% guarantee of getting your resume tossed because it shows that you think reviewers are stupid enough to not realize your grades are missing. Honesty and innocence you sometimes will help you to get a job in a particular field, you even have a chance to be accepted to work at the company. If you'll work hard, and can demonstrate achievements, you are also likely to get a higher position. 

Perhaps you are wondering about the length of a resume, then you do not need to worry because there is no theory about it. According to youthcentral, A resume varies in length depending on your experience and education. If you have not worked much before, one or two pages is best, but three pages is okay if you've got a lot of study and work behind you. If your resume is only one page, as long as it's well-presented it might get better results than a two-page resume full of unnecessary information.

 Important note:

 Make sure you include your photo, your smartphone number and type your address correctly, as well as e-mail address, so you can easily be reached. While you wait for certainty for job interview, you can still look for job information online, or from newspapers and information from colleagues or your family.
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How to utilize LinkedIn to get a new job

Internet has become an alternative to searching for a job or job information. Many employment agencies are used by many large companies to look for new employees from the level of staff, supervisor, assistant manager, manager, general manager and vice president of vacancies to other professions. Job seekers can utilize sites such agency to submit curiculum vitae, resume and job application. There are many websites created by the head hunters, so that the employees who want to change careers can have a new career opportunity in a larger company.
LinkedIn tips, job tips, career tips, get new job, new career, apply job, social networks, head hunter, job information, job vacancy,
Maximize your laptop or PC to get a new job. Image:
Another way to get a new career opportunity is to utilize social media networks such as LinkedIn to "promote" yourself, so that executives in a company can see you as someone who has potential, and you have a chance to be recruited, at least you will gain prominence by other LinkedIn members. Perhaps other members interested to invite you to join in their company.

As we know, LinkedIn is the biggest social media site when it comes to professional networking. But it can be tough to figure out how to navigate and master it. There are a few simple requirements that you should follow, so that you can attract the attention of other members on the LinkedIn network to offer you a career or a new job.

The number of LinkedIn members are always increasing every second, and there are more than 277 million people on at last count. How is your current opportunity? You will be competing with so many people who also have good potential, and a great work experience. LinkedIn is a high-power engines. Over 5 billion searches were done on the social network last year .
LinkedIn tips, job tips, career tips, get new job, new career, apply job, social networks, head hunter, job information, job vacancy,
LinkedIn profile. Image:
Once you have registered on LinkedIn, then you can use the search box on the site. All you have to do is go to the search bar on top; this is where you will type in your search terms. For example, if you type in "Petroleum engineers," You will get a list of related jobs, groups, and people doing similar work.

 You can also customize your search by jobs, people, companies, groups, and inbox. Click "jobs" and you can further hone-in by location, connections, industry, job function, and experience level.

However, I would like to remind when you upload photos to your profile, do not use a photo that is too casual, unless you have a profession as an artist, musician, or other unique profession like comic draftsman, and so on.

If you want more easy to recognize, then you need to share their experiences honestly, without exaggeration. You also inform your skills, and if there is, tell me also projects ever you do, do you as a leader or you as a team on the project. Add websites that showcase your work.

For a journalist, this is easier than for other types of workers, since our writing gets posted online with ready Web addresses. For a designer or photographer, this is an opportunity to include a link to a personal website that showcases your work. If you’re in sales, you can link to customers. (Reference, please find out on

In LinkedIn there are various groups with various professions, both in finance, marketing, engineers, mining executives, and other professionals, then you need to actively participate in the group corresponding to your profession, or your expertise and experience. If anyone asks, you must actively provide information, perhaps a solution on a topic. Take the time to respond if there are questions from members of the group. You can ask them, and will be many people who will participate. You will make your liveliness known by some people in the group, so you will have a chance to get a new career, or you will be contacted for a meeting or interview.
LinkedIn tips, job tips, career tips, get new job, new career, apply job, social networks, head hunter, job information, job vacancy,
Profile pictures LinkedIn members. Image:
Just as mentioned above about the picture on the profile, it is also important that you complete your profile to be honest about your current job, your skills and your experience. Profile is complete and truthful, then it could be the reason they're looking at it is to find out as much as they can about you. When a potential employer looks at your profile, they'll be forming an opinion based on your tag line, summary boxes, and specialties.

If there is a change, for example, about the new position, then do the update immediately, so that they also know that you have earned a new achievement. At some point you will have a better chance to change job, because it could be you are the person who will be included as a strong candidate to be recruited by a bigger company.

Additional tips so that you have more success with your career in the future:

Do you still need to be active on Facebook and Twitter? Although you have to connect on LinkedIn, you can keep active in other social media networks, but because you now have a powerful dream for a career change, then you will no longer be arbitrary when you type status or write something on your Facebook or Twitter account. Be careful choosing of words and sentences so you do not easily abused by others, and you also should not do bad things, or upload photos that can make a mess of your reputation. You have now become a mature human being, so keep your attitude and behavior.

If you want to get additional tips and solutions in the field of career and other solutions, you can read other articles on the site below:

Good luck.

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Part time jobs in United Kingdom for international student

Studying at a university or college and while working abroad is a dream for many students, so getting job experience and extra money to support life abroad. As in Australia, Japan or the United States, then became a student in United Kingdom will also have the same opportunity to working part-time, with the terms and conditions applicable in United Kingdom, for example, about the requirement of work permits for international students.

work abroad, part time job, study and work, work overseas, job in UK, work in London, career in London, expatriate, job market, resume, CV,
Beautiful view of LondonImage:
Foreign or International students with good English language skills can go far, as speaking more than one language are becoming a desirable skill to possess in the world of business. As an international student you can work for up to 20 hours a week while studying. 

The UK is highly globalised and boasts the third-largest economy in Europe meaning the job market is competitive. There are hundreds of jobs and work experience opportunities for students and graduates in London.

You can study and also working in this kingdom if you study at a university or college that is listed on both the official UKBA sponsor list and the list of 'recognized bodies'. Therefore make sure your college or university listed in the agency. Please see the list on the official website of UKBA, so you will not get in trouble on the job requirements in London or in the UK.

work abroad, part time job, study and work, work overseas, job in UK, work in London, career in London, expatriate, job market, resume, CV,
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If you have graduated from college or a university in the UK, you can go home or working in this country with a good salary, even for graduates of a particular university will earn best starting salary that you can achieve. 

As a global city, London has fantastic links with blue-chip companies in all industries. The city's universities have some of the highest graduate employment rates in the UK. Study in the UK a chance to be expats who can make you better known, making it easier to move work to other countries, even to your own country, and working in a large company with a better salary.

Are you interested in becoming a foreign language teacher in London? If you are foreign students from outside the UK, and you have a different mother tongue than English, you may be able to find teaching work as a modern foreign language (MFL) teacher. The main languages ​​taught in schools in the UK are German French and Spanish. If you have the talent to teach, you have to take advantage of this opportunity because you not only get extra money, your English will be smoother; even you can master the dialect or British accent.

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According to the official website of SalfordUniversity Manchester, some EEA students may need to register with the Home Office, check the UKCISA website for more information. If you are a Romanian and Bulgarian national, you will need to apply for a student registration certificate by filling in a BR1 form before you can apply for your National Insurance Number which will then entitle you to work.  

There are many part-time job offers in London for foreign students, and you can get information from various websites such as Careers Group London, StudentJob, and Employment 4 students, and of course you can get information on your campus. You also need to ask the senior students on part-time job opportunities in London and surrounding areas.

London is a world-class metropolitan city and has a lot of large companies in various fields, and many of them are multinational companies that have branches or representative offices abroad, maybe even in your home country. It is very possible for you to working in London, then you can move to a branch office in another country, or you choose your own office in the country after you working in the UK for several years. 

One day, perhaps you missed at home, so that you can apply to be transferred to your own town or city nearest to your country, so it makes you more comfortable. Experience working in the UK is also a great stock to add to your experience, and enrich your resume or CV, so you will be easy to get a job or enhance your career at another company.

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