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Work Overseas, tips and solution

World in crisis? Can our government and our senator or parliament member and politicians save us? 

Are you happy with your current position in your office?

There are a lot of job opportunities outside your country. If you’re recent job is not sound so good, it’s time to think twice about your future. You must seek a new solution to push your career. Take your time to search job information both online and offline. Work abroad? Yes, why not? 

Work overseas is an excellent way to make your resume more colorful and professional. Think outside your field. You might be an engineer, but if you're looking for work and you're already living abroad, you might not have a lot of success. On the other hand, you could probably tutor someone in math, English or other foreign languages. 

Deliver your resume to potential employers, in person if possible. Be prepared for the occasional on-the-spot job interview, and always make sure the person you and your resume to know what you're looking for. If you are not confidence about your skills, so you can take an online short course (lesson) or online college.
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Things you’ll need to apply job overseas are: passport and visa, local bank account, and current copy of your resume(translated is a good idea). If you have enough information about your future employer, you must contact your consulate and/or consulate for further information on whether you’ll need a particular visa to work in that country. You must aware of whether you will need a different visa to work than the visa you already have (a student visa, for example). 

cabin crew, consultants, doctor,  IT job, medical, nurse, job opportunity, job overseas, pilot, professional, teacher, visa, work overseas, Failure to have the proper visa can lead to serious trouble with the local authorities. Also be aware that any money you make overseas is still subject to taxation by your home country, as well as to any local taxes. Make sure that you find quick information about this matter.

Asian and European countries, also other country such as Australia, Qatar, Uni Emirate Arab, etc are opens for foreign workers. They need your skills in many areas. You are lucky if you have a certificate in accounting, nurse, medical doctor, pilot, cabin crew, teachers, hospitality, IT consultants, and other specific skills. It’s a good idea to seek more information online and local newspapers. You can earn more money that you can save for your future investment.
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Job opportunities in the airline

The air transport industry developed because of the many new airlines that sell cheap flight services. Flying an airplane is no longer the monopoly of the rich, now everyone can fly within the country or to other countries. Usually travel destination for both business and leisure traveler. This makes the industry difficult to get labor from within their country, such as pilots, stewardesses (flight attendants) and support staff both in the air and on land. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to a career in this exciting industry.

Low-cost airlines such as Garuda Indonesia City Link, Air Asia, Lion Air, and Singapore Airlines were even require a lot of pilots and flight attendants, both men and women. Therefore they make the job advertisements in various media, both newspapers and the Internet. In addition to pilots and flight attendants, the airlines also needtechnicians, mechanics and engineers. Of course this is a compelling opportunity for young people in various regions and your country.

Young people today do not have to continue their education to the university as a career has been open in various local airlines, regional and international levels. Pilot schools now have a lot in different countries; even you can learn to be a pilot in Bali.

A job opportunity in the airline industry is very interesting, especially if you're young. Flight schools and schools for technicians and mechanics in the field of airplanes is an excellent alternative for you. Being a pilot and stewardesses will not only get a good salary and benefits, you've definitely enjoyed trips abroad or other cities. You will have the opportunity to know other cultures, unique food, shopping and so on.

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