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Tips on Working Abroad

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Many people have a dream to work and develop a career abroad. Certainly a career in the international world needs good foreign language skills. Not to mention your efforts to adapt to the local culture, which may be very different from the culture in our country? There are two things that definitely should have namely the ability, tenacity and determination to start living and working in other countries.

Your can utilize tips below to work and develop a career abroad:

1. Strengthen Network
You may not desperate to leave without you getting enough information about the country of destination. It would be nice if you have a relative or friend who can help you find information about the type of job or company you want. You could also try a magazine subscription business abroad or following the mailing friends who live outside.

Networking is also needed when you've arrived at the destination. Enlist the help of your friends to send you information about the cost of living (ranging from the cost of housing, transportation, health insurance, etc.), the estimated salary and career prospects of foreign nationals in the country.

2. Prepare special expertise
Both in our country or abroad, you should have a unique selling point that can make your company are interested in receiving. For example, a foreign IT company wants to have an Asia Pacific Division Manager at American headquarters with your language skills are good. This could be an opportunity for you! So before you leave, make sure you have 'something' that is worth selling.

3. Apprehend International Business Etiquette
Of some professional experience abroad, usually carried out in the early work of cross cultural training. That is, foreign employees will be trained in international business ethics. How do you communicate with clients with different languages ​​and cultures?
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Job overseas

When choosing to work in Japan, of course, you have to get used to bow down to pay homage to the client. Also different when working in Italy, which used to give hugs. It's all you can learn before the 'flying', diligently opened the business training journals available on the internet.

Working overseas is not only good for your career or your finances, but you will have a rock perspective on culture, language, tolerance, even love and openness of our hearts for difference. God was very good to us because it has created a variety of ethnic, national, religious, cultural, food, ethnic, language and natural beauty in various countries. 

We live under the same sun, and then it is fitting for us to understand and love each other. Hopefully with your trip abroad you also get a wonderful experience. The more people like you, the world would be more comfortable and peaceful. Do you agree?

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Opportunities as a teacher abroad

Do you have a talent and passion as a teacher? You have the opportunity to teach overseas. Some countries open to foreign teachers, for example, to teach English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian and so on. If you have a passion as a teacher especially if you hold a certificate or diploma in the field of language, then this opens opportunities in countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Middle East, Singapore, and many other countries. Opportunities as teachers or lecturers abroad will become more open because in some countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries many established international standard school or university in collaboration with universities of foreign countries.
   Expertise in mathematics, chemistry, accounting, IT, graphic design, and other science fields are also required in some countries. Australia for example, it requires expertise in many areas of mathematics and science. This is a great opportunity for you.
     Salaries for foreign teachers rather large plus health insurance benefits and the extension of employment contracts are longer, especially in countries with a shortage of teachers who are experts in the field of language, mathematics and science. If you are young and want to work abroad, then you can take advantage of this opportunity immediately.
      This job opportunity information can be found in magazines, newspapers and the Internet. Employment as a teacher is always there. If you're curious, you can find information quickly on the Internet and embassies or consulates of foreign countries with offices 
in the city. This information also you can search in the foreign cultural institution that based in your country.
      I saw a lot of foreigners working as a teacher in my town, for example in a language institute or university as a lecturer. To become a teacher would have no qualifications and requirements are different than as a teacher at the center of language courses. You should consider these requirements when you read the job advertisements so you know, if you meet the requirements needed. Hopefully you managed to become a teacher or lecturer is good because it is very noble profession.
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Tips working overseas

Opportunities to work abroad are actually very open in Asia and the Middle East countries. Work in this area not only in the informal sector. Opportunities to work in the formal sector is also quite large. Therefore, several countries have opened up through the Foreign Trade Agreement that allows foreign skilled workers to work there, including from Indonesia. 

Job opportunities are in addition to Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Middle East countries like Dubai. There are also opportunities to work in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The need for labor in a country different from each other. Brunei Darussalam, for example,  open job opportunities as a teacher, and worked in hospitality. While the USA and Canada typically require those who are experts in fields such as nursing and medical technology. But, you do not need to be pessimistic, because it does not rule out the possibility, also open opportunities in other fields. There are many ways to get work there, among them:

1. Department of Labor . You can find information about employment opportunities abroad in the Department of Labor or a specialized employment agency to recruit workers to work in other countries. Most of them advertise job vacancies in newspapers and the Internet.2. Internet.  Internet  presents a lot of information about job openings.
 Variety of vacancies to be informed also vary according to area and your skills. How, after the work site open, click on a region or country you want to go. From there it can be seen the company and what areas are needed, along with its requirements. You can just send your resume to it. In addition to the street looking for job information, you can also advertise yourself on these sites. Point out specific areas and skills possessed. These sites can you go in between,,,,, and

3. Networking. In addition, you can also get information through networking, to a friend or relative who has lived and worked there. Expand your social circle. Do not hesitate to ask job to a friend who lives abroad to suit your skills. If you do not have networking in the country of your dreams, start looking through chat. Create friendship in social networks, as they may be of the opportunities that come here.

4. Head hunter.  You can go head hunter websites abroad and post your CV or resume. Most of the head hunter's priority to local job seekers, but if you have qualifications that are not met by the candidates of the country, most likely you who voted. To facilitate your search for overseas head hunter on the Internet, you can try the key word, an executive search firm, or the recruitment and placement. On the web it will explain in detail how to post your resume. Look for words How to Apply for Jobs or the like.

5. Foreign Companies.   If you have been working in a multinational company, you actually have to walk a step to reach the dream. Some multinational companies here, as well as substantial opportunities for you to work abroad. If you meet the qualifications, you will be moved to a branch office in another country. Opportunities that could come in the form of job relocation, internships for several months, even a 1-2 year contract in the specified companies. Some foreign companies also give employees the opportunity to apply for a job at another company outside the country based on a reference from his supervisor.

6. Warning.   The final way that so many people are enough options in free fall.
 With courage and luck, they usually go to a country. But this is very risky, because you do not have permission to work there and at times can be deported by the authorities. Visas are typically used are visiting or tourist visa. You should also have a large fund for the cost of living there for several months, minimal three months before you got the job. And more importantly, you must prepare for any time money back. Do not do it this way because of high risk. You can get a black list of countries that have expelled you.

7. Suggestion.  If you have a dream to work abroad, then you have to master a foreign language, have the skills or expertise certificates. For a particular field you must have experience and a diploma in accordance with the position you are applying to be. It is therefore very important to always look for information so that you always get an update on the condition of working abroad.

May your dreams come true.

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Job opportunity

There is many university or high school graduates who wanted to work in this financial crisis in many countries. There are a lot of Businesses collapse and lost a lot money. You know, that many companies are doing layoffs, resulting in unemployment in our country.

In the midst of this difficult time also turned out many new business opportunities, so you can find many new job opportunities. Humans always make the innovation process. Creativity grows anywhere, even many young people who do extraordinary breakthrough.

If you have not been able to do something new, then you can look for job opportunities by sending a resume online or send a job application letter to various companies. There are always job advertisements in newspapers and online media.

You do not need to worry because there are many companies who became agency and to receive and will distribute your resume to various companies according to ability and skill that you have today. There is also the agency that could send you to work abroad.

You also can visit the job fair in your town. Sometimes there is the agency that represents many large companies that do a large exhibition. It's a very good opportunity for job seekers, even though competition in the market very tight. You should try this.

Whereas there has long been outsourcing company that is ready to receive your resume and you’re CV, so you can get a contract of employment, both at home and abroad. Employment contracts can be for one year or more. Employment contracts of this kind cannot guarantee you will be working longer in a company, except in the company there is a permanent position for you. If no, then you will be unemployed again until you get a new contract. But in this difficult economic situation to work as contract employees or outsourcing is not a bad thing. Who knows you will get valuable experience for your future.

You can find information about job opportunities abroad on the Internet. If you've joined social networks like facebook, friendster, MySpace and so on, then this online community can help you. That the online community has become a very good medium for you, so you can get information about employment in the domestic or overseas.

You must keep the spirit so as not to stress at the time did not work. Fill the time by learning about new skills. You also have to keep in touch with friends so easily get employment information. Or you want to be an entrepreneur?

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