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New Job vacancies in Sydney Australia

Great news for job seekers. There are two jobs available in Sydney, Australia. Grab this fantastic job opportunities to change your career. Enjoy a new life in Sydney. Hays, a companey based in Sydney needs an Associate Director & Foreign Exchange Officer.

A rare and fantastic opportunity has arisen for an Associate Director within the Foreign Exchange team based in Sydney, Australia. Sydney is a cosmopolitan city in Australia. You will love this beautiful city.

Associate Director Job description:

You will identify and on board new, and grow existing, Foreign Exchange, Commodity and risk management opportunities. You will have a great jobs. Reporting to the Director, you will identify and on board new existing FX opportunities.

You will manage retention and growth of the existing client base as well as managing pipeline to achieve individual, state and national business goals.

As Associate Director, you will deliver on individual plan and contribute to the total profit outcome for Business Markets through the conversion of new and existing FX opportunities; Facilitate a seamless handover of customers to FX dealers; Monitor risk and manage compliance requirements; Improve internal and stakeholder knowledge through proactive sales meetings; Assist State Business marketing teams via FX dealing; Commit to ongoing continuous improvement and implementation of processes to optimise team performance.

To be successful in this role you will have extensive experience selling FX (forex) solutions to business/commercial clients within a major banking institution. You will have the ability to generate leads, build rapport and convert new business.

You will be driven and passionate about developing a team and market with incredible potential.A tertiary qualification in a relevant field will be highly advantageous as well as a thorough understanding of the FX market.

If this role sounds suited to yourself or somebody you know, please send your CV or your resume with immediate effect to

Job vacancy as Foreign Exchange Officer in Hays.
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Sydney, Australia. Imge:
An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced Foreign Exchange Officer to work within a dynamic team based in Sydney CBD.

This role is a twelve month fixed term contract opportunity.

Foreign Exchange Officer jobs description:

You will be responsible for the daily operational processing, ensuring that all payment, confirmation and investigation obligations have been met whilst ensuring excellent customer service; You will be the main point of contact for all trade related queries; Daily checklist completion; Identify opportunities for system an process enhancements.

You will have extensive and great experience dealing with Foreign Exchange settlements and be confident in communicating with key stakeholders on a daily basis.

You will have specific product knowledge in Foreign Exchange, commodities, options and money market financial transaction, coupled with a high attention to detail and the ability to work in a face paced environment.

You will want to work in a dynamic, enthusiastic team and be able to communicate in an articulate and confident manor. Get fantastic opportunity to earn new career now. 

If this role sound suited to yourself, please send your resume or your CV to for immediate consideration.

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Are you ready to live in Sydney?

Change your career now. Submit your resume (CV) today. If you don’t need this job, don’t forget to share this information for your friends or family.

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How to utilize LinkedIn to get a new job

Internet has become an alternative to searching for a job or job information. Many employment agencies are used by many large companies to look for new employees from the level of staff, supervisor, assistant manager, manager, general manager and vice president of vacancies to other professions. Job seekers can utilize sites such agency to submit curiculum vitae, resume and job application. There are many websites created by the head hunters, so that the employees who want to change careers can have a new career opportunity in a larger company.
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Maximize your laptop or PC to get a new job. Image:
Another way to get a new career opportunity is to utilize social media networks such as LinkedIn to "promote" yourself, so that executives in a company can see you as someone who has potential, and you have a chance to be recruited, at least you will gain prominence by other LinkedIn members. Perhaps other members interested to invite you to join in their company.

As we know, LinkedIn is the biggest social media site when it comes to professional networking. But it can be tough to figure out how to navigate and master it. There are a few simple requirements that you should follow, so that you can attract the attention of other members on the LinkedIn network to offer you a career or a new job.

The number of LinkedIn members are always increasing every second, and there are more than 277 million people on at last count. How is your current opportunity? You will be competing with so many people who also have good potential, and a great work experience. LinkedIn is a high-power engines. Over 5 billion searches were done on the social network last year .
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LinkedIn profile. Image:
Once you have registered on LinkedIn, then you can use the search box on the site. All you have to do is go to the search bar on top; this is where you will type in your search terms. For example, if you type in "Petroleum engineers," You will get a list of related jobs, groups, and people doing similar work.

 You can also customize your search by jobs, people, companies, groups, and inbox. Click "jobs" and you can further hone-in by location, connections, industry, job function, and experience level.

However, I would like to remind when you upload photos to your profile, do not use a photo that is too casual, unless you have a profession as an artist, musician, or other unique profession like comic draftsman, and so on.

If you want more easy to recognize, then you need to share their experiences honestly, without exaggeration. You also inform your skills, and if there is, tell me also projects ever you do, do you as a leader or you as a team on the project. Add websites that showcase your work.

For a journalist, this is easier than for other types of workers, since our writing gets posted online with ready Web addresses. For a designer or photographer, this is an opportunity to include a link to a personal website that showcases your work. If you’re in sales, you can link to customers. (Reference, please find out on

In LinkedIn there are various groups with various professions, both in finance, marketing, engineers, mining executives, and other professionals, then you need to actively participate in the group corresponding to your profession, or your expertise and experience. If anyone asks, you must actively provide information, perhaps a solution on a topic. Take the time to respond if there are questions from members of the group. You can ask them, and will be many people who will participate. You will make your liveliness known by some people in the group, so you will have a chance to get a new career, or you will be contacted for a meeting or interview.
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Profile pictures LinkedIn members. Image:
Just as mentioned above about the picture on the profile, it is also important that you complete your profile to be honest about your current job, your skills and your experience. Profile is complete and truthful, then it could be the reason they're looking at it is to find out as much as they can about you. When a potential employer looks at your profile, they'll be forming an opinion based on your tag line, summary boxes, and specialties.

If there is a change, for example, about the new position, then do the update immediately, so that they also know that you have earned a new achievement. At some point you will have a better chance to change job, because it could be you are the person who will be included as a strong candidate to be recruited by a bigger company.

Additional tips so that you have more success with your career in the future:

Do you still need to be active on Facebook and Twitter? Although you have to connect on LinkedIn, you can keep active in other social media networks, but because you now have a powerful dream for a career change, then you will no longer be arbitrary when you type status or write something on your Facebook or Twitter account. Be careful choosing of words and sentences so you do not easily abused by others, and you also should not do bad things, or upload photos that can make a mess of your reputation. You have now become a mature human being, so keep your attitude and behavior.

If you want to get additional tips and solutions in the field of career and other solutions, you can read other articles on the site below:

Good luck.

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Jobs as a freelancer

The employees in a company often complained that salaries were not enough to meet their standards of living. Of course everyone is entitled to raise the standard and style of living. That's why many of them who tried to apply for a job to a new company, or even have become a freelancer. How about you?

Various types of freelance work:

Employment opportunities as a freelancer is very diverse for example be translators, graphic designers, software designers, surveyor, architects, building designer, news writers, copy writers, tax consultants, content writers for blogs or websites, SEO consultant, screenwriter, baby sitters, caretakers for the elderly, a game designer, and still much more. These opportunities can be done online, remotely or at your client's location.

Work as a freelancer if made ​​online can make you more freely and comfortably as you can do the work anywhere, even when you're enjoying a cup of black coffee in a cafe, even when you are on vacation in an exotic beach or in the room you at your hotel or apartment.

Although many people now choose a job as a freelancer for income, there are many who still make mistakes and result in a failure to be a reliable freelancer.

Freelancing, still a business that cannot be done carelessly and recklessly. If you are careless, then you can become a bad reputation. Consequently you will not get your clients' projects. If you want to be loved by the client, then quickly fix some common mistakes that are often done by freelancers.

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A beautiful freelancer is working on exotic beach. Image:
Know Your Client
Most freelancers are getting clients either on the recommendation of a friend or satisfied clients who have worked with us. Please note: it is necessary to find out information about prospective clients who will use our services. 

The goal is, in a sense that we understand the needs and tastes of the prospective client. In addition, to prevent us from cheating that may be performed by the client. Now, work as a freelancer mostly done online, so sometimes we do not know to whom we are working. Perhaps you need to find information about the employers of fellow freelancers.

The Importance of Employment Contract
Whether you are a freelancer, it does not mean you and the client can override employment contracts referred to in the agreement. The employment contract must be clear and formal. This is to avoid things that will hurt both sides. For example, write the value or price that has been agreed to complete the project. And most importantly, do not forget to put a signature on the stamp so that the employment contract is valid and binding according to the law of the agreement.

The architect and building designers are can be done by freelancers. Image:

With the employment contract, it would at least explain the job description , the rights and obligations of the parties, for example about payment terms, the term of employment , royalties (if any) or patent rights, tax, etc., and make sure there is an article about some of the events that can free you from prosecution in later day, for example, events such as natural disasters and other things that could delay the completion of your work. By the way, any problems can be resolved by consensus agreement in good faith, so that you do not have to meet in the courtroom. Therefore, you must learn the terms and conditions that apply in an employment agreement.

    Understand the working system
When already there is a match between the two sides regarding the price and job description, you should know how the system works is. Although as a freelancer, when dealing with a client, we still need to learn how the company works. This needs to be done; to avoid fatal mistakes that you make will not be used again in future projects. Freelancer is a serious job. You can make income on regular basis.

Get to know yourself
You should be able to promote yourself properly, according to your experience and expertise. Similarly, when you declare that you are able to do a job within a certain period. For example, you are sure to get the job done within two days, whereas normally it took a week to complete. Do not make your potential clients feel dealing with people who do not deserve to work with you.

Stay on deadline
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Search for a freelance job opportunities on the Internet. Image:
A professional freelancers need to comply with the agreed deadlines. Deviated from the specified time will only make a bad reputation and the client no longer wants to hire you on the next project. If there are certain issues that make delay in an aspect of the job, make sure you contact your clients with E-Mail, BlackBerry Messenger or SMS, even if the client needs to call you so that your clients can understand your situation. They will respect your good intentions.

Give More
There's nothing wrong with doing what the client asked for or just fill the contents of any employment contract. If you are only working with a standard based on that, then you are the same with other freelancers, meaning you do not have much value.

 ‘Do more' is the next key to a successful freelancer. Doing extra things to the satisfaction of the client, although slight, will make you re-employed in the future. Clients will always remember you. Give more to get more.

Never give up
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Work comfortably in a cafe while sipping a cup of cappuccino. Image:
As a beginner you are not going to get a lot more work than the other seniors. But do not give up easily. The key to success is to give the best results for the client, because who knows your clients will recommend you to their friends. 

Remember always to open the link, and network as much as possible to open up the opportunity. Sometimes there fellow freelancers who have excess jobs will choose you to be a sub- contractor. Wow, you will get additional revenue.

Do you want to become a successful freelancer? You can utilize a network of freelancers in the Internet, for example freelancer’s forum. And make sure you are always learning, and increase your knowledge and skills.

Additional tips: If you want to be known more widely, you can even famous throughout the world, as a freelancer in the digital age, then make sure you have a blog or website. Make sure you promote your skills, experience and successful projects you are working on. Perform regularly updated so that your website easy to find. Remember also to put up a website and blog address on your business card. Guaranteed you will appear more professional as a serious freelancer.

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