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How to utilize LinkedIn to get a new job

Internet has become an alternative to searching for a job or job information. Many employment agencies are used by many large companies to look for new employees from the level of staff, supervisor, assistant manager, manager, general manager and vice president of vacancies to other professions. Job seekers can utilize sites such agency to submit curiculum vitae, resume and job application. There are many websites created by the head hunters, so that the employees who want to change careers can have a new career opportunity in a larger company.
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Another way to get a new career opportunity is to utilize social media networks such as LinkedIn to "promote" yourself, so that executives in a company can see you as someone who has potential, and you have a chance to be recruited, at least you will gain prominence by other LinkedIn members. Perhaps other members interested to invite you to join in their company.

As we know, LinkedIn is the biggest social media site when it comes to professional networking. But it can be tough to figure out how to navigate and master it. There are a few simple requirements that you should follow, so that you can attract the attention of other members on the LinkedIn network to offer you a career or a new job.

The number of LinkedIn members are always increasing every second, and there are more than 277 million people on at last count. How is your current opportunity? You will be competing with so many people who also have good potential, and a great work experience. LinkedIn is a high-power engines. Over 5 billion searches were done on the social network last year .
LinkedIn tips, job tips, career tips, get new job, new career, apply job, social networks, head hunter, job information, job vacancy,
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Once you have registered on LinkedIn, then you can use the search box on the site. All you have to do is go to the search bar on top; this is where you will type in your search terms. For example, if you type in "Petroleum engineers," You will get a list of related jobs, groups, and people doing similar work.

 You can also customize your search by jobs, people, companies, groups, and inbox. Click "jobs" and you can further hone-in by location, connections, industry, job function, and experience level.

However, I would like to remind when you upload photos to your profile, do not use a photo that is too casual, unless you have a profession as an artist, musician, or other unique profession like comic draftsman, and so on.

If you want more easy to recognize, then you need to share their experiences honestly, without exaggeration. You also inform your skills, and if there is, tell me also projects ever you do, do you as a leader or you as a team on the project. Add websites that showcase your work.

For a journalist, this is easier than for other types of workers, since our writing gets posted online with ready Web addresses. For a designer or photographer, this is an opportunity to include a link to a personal website that showcases your work. If you’re in sales, you can link to customers. (Reference, please find out on

In LinkedIn there are various groups with various professions, both in finance, marketing, engineers, mining executives, and other professionals, then you need to actively participate in the group corresponding to your profession, or your expertise and experience. If anyone asks, you must actively provide information, perhaps a solution on a topic. Take the time to respond if there are questions from members of the group. You can ask them, and will be many people who will participate. You will make your liveliness known by some people in the group, so you will have a chance to get a new career, or you will be contacted for a meeting or interview.
LinkedIn tips, job tips, career tips, get new job, new career, apply job, social networks, head hunter, job information, job vacancy,
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Just as mentioned above about the picture on the profile, it is also important that you complete your profile to be honest about your current job, your skills and your experience. Profile is complete and truthful, then it could be the reason they're looking at it is to find out as much as they can about you. When a potential employer looks at your profile, they'll be forming an opinion based on your tag line, summary boxes, and specialties.

If there is a change, for example, about the new position, then do the update immediately, so that they also know that you have earned a new achievement. At some point you will have a better chance to change job, because it could be you are the person who will be included as a strong candidate to be recruited by a bigger company.

Additional tips so that you have more success with your career in the future:

Do you still need to be active on Facebook and Twitter? Although you have to connect on LinkedIn, you can keep active in other social media networks, but because you now have a powerful dream for a career change, then you will no longer be arbitrary when you type status or write something on your Facebook or Twitter account. Be careful choosing of words and sentences so you do not easily abused by others, and you also should not do bad things, or upload photos that can make a mess of your reputation. You have now become a mature human being, so keep your attitude and behavior.

If you want to get additional tips and solutions in the field of career and other solutions, you can read other articles on the site below:

Good luck.

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Tips working overseas

Opportunities to work abroad are actually very open in Asia and the Middle East countries. Work in this area not only in the informal sector. Opportunities to work in the formal sector is also quite large. Therefore, several countries have opened up through the Foreign Trade Agreement that allows foreign skilled workers to work there, including from Indonesia. 

Job opportunities are in addition to Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Middle East countries like Dubai. There are also opportunities to work in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The need for labor in a country different from each other. Brunei Darussalam, for example,  open job opportunities as a teacher, and worked in hospitality. While the USA and Canada typically require those who are experts in fields such as nursing and medical technology. But, you do not need to be pessimistic, because it does not rule out the possibility, also open opportunities in other fields. There are many ways to get work there, among them:

1. Department of Labor . You can find information about employment opportunities abroad in the Department of Labor or a specialized employment agency to recruit workers to work in other countries. Most of them advertise job vacancies in newspapers and the Internet.2. Internet.  Internet  presents a lot of information about job openings.
 Variety of vacancies to be informed also vary according to area and your skills. How, after the work site open, click on a region or country you want to go. From there it can be seen the company and what areas are needed, along with its requirements. You can just send your resume to it. In addition to the street looking for job information, you can also advertise yourself on these sites. Point out specific areas and skills possessed. These sites can you go in between,,,,, and

3. Networking. In addition, you can also get information through networking, to a friend or relative who has lived and worked there. Expand your social circle. Do not hesitate to ask job to a friend who lives abroad to suit your skills. If you do not have networking in the country of your dreams, start looking through chat. Create friendship in social networks, as they may be of the opportunities that come here.

4. Head hunter.  You can go head hunter websites abroad and post your CV or resume. Most of the head hunter's priority to local job seekers, but if you have qualifications that are not met by the candidates of the country, most likely you who voted. To facilitate your search for overseas head hunter on the Internet, you can try the key word, an executive search firm, or the recruitment and placement. On the web it will explain in detail how to post your resume. Look for words How to Apply for Jobs or the like.

5. Foreign Companies.   If you have been working in a multinational company, you actually have to walk a step to reach the dream. Some multinational companies here, as well as substantial opportunities for you to work abroad. If you meet the qualifications, you will be moved to a branch office in another country. Opportunities that could come in the form of job relocation, internships for several months, even a 1-2 year contract in the specified companies. Some foreign companies also give employees the opportunity to apply for a job at another company outside the country based on a reference from his supervisor.

6. Warning.   The final way that so many people are enough options in free fall.
 With courage and luck, they usually go to a country. But this is very risky, because you do not have permission to work there and at times can be deported by the authorities. Visas are typically used are visiting or tourist visa. You should also have a large fund for the cost of living there for several months, minimal three months before you got the job. And more importantly, you must prepare for any time money back. Do not do it this way because of high risk. You can get a black list of countries that have expelled you.

7. Suggestion.  If you have a dream to work abroad, then you have to master a foreign language, have the skills or expertise certificates. For a particular field you must have experience and a diploma in accordance with the position you are applying to be. It is therefore very important to always look for information so that you always get an update on the condition of working abroad.

May your dreams come true.

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