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Job Fair

Have you ever applied for a job at the job fair? The competition in the working world today is very high because there are few jobs in comparison with the number of job seekers. 
The recruitment process is not always by placing job advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet. Job fair is a great way to do, so there are a lot of companies to recruit an experienced workforce and new graduates from universities or schools.

Job fair is usually conducted by a combination various companies in a big exhibition. Many universities also held a job fair in collaboration with employment agencies, headhunter or a variety of large and medium-sized enterprises.

To get a job we have to have special skills required and specifications such as levels of education, computer skills, languages, experience, etc. In the process of job applications we also need to have ways or tips so easy to get working.

Job fair provides an opportunity to meet with recruiters. With a little preparation and confidence, you can get the desired position in the companyThere are a few tips so that you are successful when applying for a job in job fair is as follows:

1. Research the company

Armed with this knowledge will help you communicate clearly related to the needs of the company.

2. Practice: 
  Smiled, shook hands and said, "Hello my name is Lisa and I am interested in the position to   offer!"

3. Update and review resumes
Make sure the document is error free, check your resume skills and experience are applied to the position.

4. Jot down questions
Before you face to face with a recruiter, have a related question that may be requested.
5. Remember to wear the good clothes and neat. Do not wear casual clothes especially jeans and sweatshirts. Remember you are applying for a job and will meet with representatives of the company. Not have new clothes and expensive, it is important clean and tidy.
6. Remember to bring a CD or flash drive containing documents such as CV or resume and photos. Who knows, recruiters do not want to receive a printed document, but will ask you to submit a CD or copy the documents required from your flash drive.

Besides all the above requirements, make sure you are ready for an initial interview at the fair. You should be confident and start every interview with a sincere smile. First impressions are very important. Hope you make it through the interview process and 
acceptance of you as a new employee. If you are are hired in the new company, remember to invite me for coffee at coffee shops. Aha, I was just joking.

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Job opportunity

There is many university or high school graduates who wanted to work in this financial crisis in many countries. There are a lot of Businesses collapse and lost a lot money. You know, that many companies are doing layoffs, resulting in unemployment in our country.

In the midst of this difficult time also turned out many new business opportunities, so you can find many new job opportunities. Humans always make the innovation process. Creativity grows anywhere, even many young people who do extraordinary breakthrough.

If you have not been able to do something new, then you can look for job opportunities by sending a resume online or send a job application letter to various companies. There are always job advertisements in newspapers and online media.

You do not need to worry because there are many companies who became agency and to receive and will distribute your resume to various companies according to ability and skill that you have today. There is also the agency that could send you to work abroad.

You also can visit the job fair in your town. Sometimes there is the agency that represents many large companies that do a large exhibition. It's a very good opportunity for job seekers, even though competition in the market very tight. You should try this.

Whereas there has long been outsourcing company that is ready to receive your resume and you’re CV, so you can get a contract of employment, both at home and abroad. Employment contracts can be for one year or more. Employment contracts of this kind cannot guarantee you will be working longer in a company, except in the company there is a permanent position for you. If no, then you will be unemployed again until you get a new contract. But in this difficult economic situation to work as contract employees or outsourcing is not a bad thing. Who knows you will get valuable experience for your future.

You can find information about job opportunities abroad on the Internet. If you've joined social networks like facebook, friendster, MySpace and so on, then this online community can help you. That the online community has become a very good medium for you, so you can get information about employment in the domestic or overseas.

You must keep the spirit so as not to stress at the time did not work. Fill the time by learning about new skills. You also have to keep in touch with friends so easily get employment information. Or you want to be an entrepreneur?

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