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Internship Opportunities

If you are a student on the eve of the final semester, you may be thinking to work in a company matching your current field of study. It was not easy to get a job that matches our department at a school or university.

Perhaps there is a way to overcome this problem, namely by looking for opportunities to intern at a company that opened its doors to students. You will be much to gain by following the internship program. Internship process can add your experience and enrich your knowledge.

If you want to succeed as an apprentice, then it must have passion, enthusiasm, high discipline, and a strong mentality. So, how to get the internship opportunities in a company or institution?

There are many companies or institutions that provide internship opportunities such as banks, post offices, restaurants or cafes, government offices and so on. Apparently, you can also internships abroad. Certainly an internship opportunity abroad is an incredible experience.

 You can also find information on the internship program a search engine like Yahoo or Google and various forums on the Internet. Remember also requested information to friends, family or your senior.

If you already know the work you are interested in, look for information on the company or institution that suits your area of ​​study. If you are given a chance, then you should work fine, any position given to you, do not be easy to complain.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to be invited to a meeting or discussion by your employer, and then you should not be ashamed to give an opinion or a solution. It's possible your suggestions or solutions you provide will be an option to solve the problem in the office.

On top of all the ways to lead a successful internship, you must comply with the company such as working hours, work wear, break or lunch time, and the prohibition to enter a certain room in the office where you intern.

I also recommend that you keep the number of telephones "associates" work, boss and office telephones numbers where you intern, so you can contact them after graduation.

 Remember always keep a good relationship with them. Who knows you got the first opportunity to work in the office. Your career can be successful in the future that you can achieve by working an internship while you are still studying in college, high school or university.

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Studying at the University for a Better Career

Surely some of us who have not had time to study or continue their studies at university or college in the past. This happens because we do not have enough money to study after high school. Please do not blame our parents. They must have been trying to work or business so that we can try to go to university, but they fail to realize our dreams.

Finally, we focus on working in order to feed ourselves or family. Time passes so quickly, we finally realized why our career is difficult to raise to a higher level. Do not worry, thanks to the Internet, we can learn online, we can even achieve a bachelor's degree or master's degree as we want. Alternatively, you can win the title in an open university or studying on campus that provides opportunities for busy people, employees or employers, are learning at weekends and night classes. Online college is very flexible, so that anyone can do without having to leave work, home, office and business. Therefore, you can maximize your computer or laptop to study well.
College or online university are appearing all over the internet, so it becomes difficult to decide which online college or university that offers the best package for each individual so that we can learn the proper plane or direction, and of course in accordance with our ability or budget we have .

Online university has developed into a place for busy people who do not have much time and have family responsibilities to continue their education. Here are some important tips that you can use when considering your university online.

Notice on Accreditation before you apply

Almost all education guides will ask you to make sure that the online university of your choice or the online degree program you will enroll on must be accredited by an agency acceptable to the Department of Education. Accreditation is a major factor to consider when you choose your online universities. Therefore, make sure the university or college that you choose should be classified as a good accreditation.

For information, accreditation is an official evaluation procedure on school programs and policies by one agency received by the Department of Education that is in your country or abroad. It is important to see if the university meets certain criteria. Once they meet the criteria, then the university or a school will be given accreditation. If your degree is from an accredited online university, your degree will be accepted by so many companies. Accreditation is also important that you avoid low-quality University, or a fake degree from a college. This is important so you do not lose in terms of time and financial loss.

Get a college degree online that will look good on your resume.

 So many online universities and online colleges can be found on the Internet. You may find it difficult to decide which the best school to get a bachelor’s is or master's degree.

If you are patient and serious, then you can look for information on Yahoo or Google search engine, so you get the information about the school or college either qualified or are in the best position of accreditation or at least top 10.

It’s very smart if you join the forums about online college or university on the Internet. You can ask questions and seek information from other forum members.

Once you get enough information, then you can make a decision to choose a university or college and majors that match your dreams. Make sure you to seriously, have a strong and passionate commitment to learning, reading books, doing the tasks given by your professor. Follow all the schedules and procedures well. Do not waste your time. If you have been successful, there is an opportunity to achieve higher career. If you are an entrepreneur, then you will get a better knowledge, so it is very useful for your business in the future.

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Tips for building a better career and a solution to get a new job

 Do you feel your job and your career do not meet your dream? Maybe you need to do some of the things mentioned below, so you can get a job or a better career in the future:

Set a specific target
Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this year in a professional manner. For example, you want to take on three new projects or develop your career to the position of manager. This will help you focus your efforts to reach the target.

Update Resume or CV
Perhaps you are quite satisfied with the current work. But that does not mean you miss better opportunities. Therefore, updating your resume or CV regularly is good practice because you will not miss the opportunity to progress your career. Come immediately update your CV.

Do not depend on educational background.
When you always feel that the work that you do not comply with the educational background, then you will make a bad interpretation. Maybe you do not work too well for you, but a successful professional perform the tasks assigned to him in the best possible no matter where they are.

Create strong network.
Successful employees understand well the importance of a network, both inside and outside the office. You need to be proactive to develop professional relationships. Encourage and invite co-workers to eat lunch outside. Every now and then, go to the cafe after hours. Join the professional foundation. Develop a professional network for your future.

Never stop looking for opportunities.
Of course there are times when you are satisfied with the job you are wrestled. But do not forget, successful professionals are always looking for an opportunity to progress and develop. Pairs of eyes, open ears, and open the horizons for new challenges and opportunities. You never know when it will get something that can change your career become more brilliant.

Sharpen interpersonal skills
Strong interpersonal skills play an important role in gaining the respect of your boss and coworkers. It could also attract attention from outsiders who might open new doors of opportunity for you. Be easy to get along with, a good listener others, practice being a clear and effective.

Never be afraid to think out of the box and sharpen business sense at work. Stay on the lookout for creative solutions to problems and make your boss look better.

Build a reputation
In business, reputation is the most valuable thing you have. Make sure you are known as a professional and cooperative. Make a name for yourself by attending conferences, speeches, or writing articles (blog etc).

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An Interview Strategy: Telling Stories

Hi, how are you today? I would like to share a fantastic article about job interview. If you like this article, don't forget to share with your friends and family. 

A Job Interview Is Not an Interrogation   

If you read many books on job interviews, you'll notice that some feed you lists of interview questions that you should learn answers to. But an interview is not an interrogation; it's a conversation. Thus, I believe the best way to prepare for an interview is to come armed with a multitude of small stories about both your business and personal life.

Conversation Wins the Job
Competency-based interviews, as opposed to traditional interviews, have become more common today. In a traditional interview, the interviewer will ask you questions focused on whether you have the skills and knowledge needed to do the job. A competency-based interview goes further by asking you additional questions about your character and personal attributes that can better determine whether you fit their corporate culture. These are called "behavioral competencies."

A competency-based interviewer will spend about half the interview on your job skills, and about half on your behavioral competencies. He or she will be looking for evidence of how you have acted in real situations in the past. So having your stories ready to go, and discussing them during a conversation between two equals, plays very well for this type of interview.

The Interviewer's Priorities

An employer wants to find out:
• Are you an asset or liability? In other words, will you either make money or save money for the company?
• Are you a team player? Will you fit into the corporate hierarchy or be like sand in the gears? Can you take and give (if appropriate) orders?
• Will you fit into the company culture? They don't want prima donnas.

Your Story Strategy

The best way for an interviewer to get answers to the questions above is for you, the interviewee, to take the initiative. You should have several personal stories that you can tell as examples of your successes, and each story should last between 30 to 90 seconds.

You should start by developing your stories around these areas:
• Examples of when you either made money or saved money for your current or previous employer.
• A crisis in your life or job and how you responded or recovered from it.
• A time where you functioned as part of a team and what your contribution was.
• A time in your career or job where you had to overcome stress.
• A time in your job where you provided successful leadership or a sense of direction.
• A failure that occurred in your job and how you overcame it.
• Any seminal events that happened during your career to cause you to change direction and how that worked out for you.

Actions speak louder than words. Your actions in the past -- relayed in story form -- will tell a company much more than any generic response. Your stories will give the interviewer the tangible examples he or she seeks, and they will convey a very strong sense of your individuality, making you stand out more.

Written by Joe Turner
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About changing careers or jobs

Looking for a new job sometimes comes in the minds of the employees. Feel tired and stress in the workplace can make an employee wants to change jobs or careers. Not necessarily because of salary issues that make you want to consider a job at the newspaper. Changing careers or jobs is fine for you to do. But not because of feeling tired and depressed that into consideration, you probably need a few days off, so go on holiday to somewhere fun alone or with someone you love. Perhaps a short break can refresh your mind and body.

new career, career information

Changing careers or jobs is fine for you to do. But not because of feeling tired and depressed that into consideration, you probably need a few days off, so go on holiday to somewhere fun alone or with someone you love. Perhaps a short break can refresh your mind and body.

Another way to overcome the tedium and stress is to enjoy the hobby lately have not you do in your spare time. Make it a weekend to do it with friends or family. Whatever your hobby in adolescence is very good for you to repeat in the mature stage.

If a short break and enjoy the hobby has not satisfy you, perhaps you need to visit a parent who lives in another city. You can also invite old friends to meet in the first place you usually go together. They must be happy to see you again, especially parents and your nuclear family. They must really miss your laugh together and do things that in the past you always do with them.

 At the moment enjoying a short vacation, you may contemplate about anything, even about your desire to change careers and jobs. Who knows you will get the inspiration to motivate you, so you have a higher morale. Moving the work to another company is not necessarily the best way out. Think well before you send a job application other companies.

 At the moment enjoying a short vacation, you may contemplate about anything, even about your desire to change careers and jobs. Who knows you will get the inspiration to motivate you, so you have a higher morale.
Moving the work to another company is not necessarily the best way out. Think well before you send a job application other companies. I hope you will find inspiration as soon as possible, so that you are happier and more productive in the workplace. Who knew you were called by your boss, and given the opportunity to lead the new division plus bigger salary plus more benefits, health insurance and a new official car?

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Jobs available

Unique career available. Are you ready to apply?
    Whether you're reading job advertisements in newspapers or online job advertisements? At the current global financial crisis, many people lost their jobs. Oddly, yesterday I met a human resources manager and this beautiful girl said that she was difficult to get people to fill certain positions in her office. This means that there are certain skills that are very rare in the job market.

Perhaps you have a special expertise in finance, IT, hospitality, or a software programmer in the insurance and banking, marketing skilled, graphic designer, researchers, skilled coffee testers, wine testers, tea testers, and other skills in the field of food industry, pilots, chefs, and so on. Apparently there are some unique and rare skill required by many large corporations.

World of fashions or apparel companies that market products, perfumes, handbags, jewelry, furniture, office equipment, and so on are also hiring people who are experts in the fields mentioned earlier. Their expertise is unique with special talents.

If you have the talent, expertise, especially if you have experience in these unique areas, then you have a great chance to get a job. There is a possibility you will work and be placed abroad. This certainly is a very good career for you. You can get a high salary, benefits, health insurance, apartments, annual leave, vacation or other prizes such as a bonus, even a percentage of the profits achieved by the company you work for. Has a unique talent is indeed a blessing for you if you get a job at the right company, and of course if you successfully to negotiate well. For that you must prepare yourself properly before submitting a job application. Similarly, you should be ready to go through the interview process smoothly.

By the way, if you already understand your talents and skills? If yes, immediately send a resume to a company that requires your expertise. Good luck and work with commitment to a successful career.

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Low stress jobs

5 high-paying professions with low stress 

 Believe it or not, to come home with a lot of money, you really do not need to choose a career that makes the heart beat faster as the guardian of the artist, brain surgeon, airplane pilot or a stock broker.

Apparently there are 5 high-paying jobs but it's very low risk of stress:

1. Creative work

Do you have a special talent and creative? If you are an expert in information technology careers are relatively low hunting pressure, you may need to pursue the field of software engineering. There are Software engineers who have skill in IT, capable of designing and testing various types of software, ranging from a new game or operating system and business applications. You also have the opportunity to design programs such as applications for smart phone Android, BlackBerry and other operating systems. In fact there are many young people who create animation for film-making program. They were recruited by a movie studio project for the filmmaking process.

In recent years, expert software can also work from home, because their work can be done from anywhere. On average, software experts have the income to between U.S. $ 54.000 to 130.000 a year.

If you have a special talent, sensitivity and master the art of information technology and graphic design, then you have the opportunity to work on film projects, games, applications t smart phone and so forth.

2. Civil Engineers
Civil engineer in charge of designing and building the country's infrastructure, from public buildings, roads for water supply and pollution control systems. Clearly, this project is not free of pressure, but civil engineers generally work in a team, which helps reduce stress. As a bonus, the civil engineers also enjoy long deadlines. In fact, most of them only take a few years to design and plan the project before construction begins.

Civil engineers also do not have to work too hard to hunt down a job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics United States, jobs for civil engineers are predicted to increase 24% to 10 next year - well above the average for all occupations in America. The average of undergraduate civil engineering will bring money home U.S. $ 50000-115000 per year.

3. Gadget author
In the high-tech era, various new breakthrough products, mobile technology or innovative gadget that is now released practically every day. Obviously, they need someone who is good to write about technology stuff is complicated. That's where the role of technical writers is needed so that text is easily digested and understood technology consumers.

Although they sometimes face tight deadlines, the author of this technique usually enjoy flexible working hours, as well as comfortable and quiet work space. It's a Quite a few of those who only take 10 seconds to travel from room to their table. Because it takes is a phone and a computer with internet connection, many technical writers work from home. On average, technical writers earn U.S. $ 47000-98000 per year. It's a Fun job.

4. Physical Therapist
Jobs in the medical field as nurses and doctors are known to be quite stressful. However, the physical therapist can gain behind it. First, they have flexible working hours and are generally not expected to work nights. Second, many therapists work independently so that they do not have to deal with stress due to pressure from the boss.

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to grow up and face the physical challenges of the new, the therapist will always be flooded with patients. As a result, physical therapists rarely suffer from lack of patients. For this work, they typically earn an average of U.S. $ 50000-105000 per year.

5. Massage Therapists
Do not imagine this as a masseur in local night spots. In the United States, massage therapist known as low-pressure work and casual enough for many people. Most massage therapists are not only self-employed, but they also smell the aroma therapy, listening to soothing music throughout the day while they work.

Since most massage therapists work part-time, their annual income is also very varied. If the client is quite a lot, it can easily be earning U.S. $ 45,000 or more. With proper exercise and serious, you could be famous therapist and best-selling. If you are an expert, you can build a business spa or massage center in your city. There are a lot of stress people in the city. This is your chance.

If you're young, you can begin to learn as a physical therapist or massage therapist on-site courses, so that you can get a certificate of expertise. Other job opportunities are a spa therapist. You can work as a  spa therapists in a variety of famous and exotic places, for example in India, Bali and several other countries.

Variety of jobs over there does not seem to stress. Humans must have been stressful, but if your work is based on a hobby and you love your job, then you have experienced any kind of pressure would not be a problem. Love the job is the key to success to achieve your dreams.

Note: The above type of work is the result of research in the United States. In other countries will certainly be different. You also may not agree with this information, but you have the opportunity to choose what work you will do.

This article quoted from various sources including some of

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Create employment opportunities

entrepreneur, boss, create jobs Are you happy with your career?
Whether you're looking for job opportunities or want to try a new career? Perhaps you're busy looking at job advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet.

Have you ever had a dream to become an entrepreneur after leaving school? In general, after graduating from school or university will usually look for job opportunities, not a business opportunity. University graduates rarely think to create jobs by opening a business. Apparently the desire to become an entrepreneur does not belong to everyone.

Since ancient times the parents are very few that inspire children to dream of being an entrepreneur. In general, children were told to study hard to get a job as a civil servant, became a doctor, manager, engineer or lawyer. Not many businessman who provide guidance to their children how to be a leader within the company.

Meanwhile, governments in most countries is less eager to encourage the growth of young entrepreneurs. It is sad because the leaders of the country's more serious to support a large company. Rarely leaders of government leaders who recognize that a strong state is to have lots of small and medium entrepreneurs. If the economic crisis, only small and medium enterprises that can survive.

Working in a company is very good to get experience on how to run a business and lead the company. That way you'll know how to raise capital, creating a product or service what you sell, of course you will learn how to market, so companies can make profit. You must make the most of your work to learn how to run the company.

To set up a company not only need capital, you also must have a basic idea, the courage, commitment, vision and toughness. Do not give up easily. You know the business activities are not always profitable. Failures and losses could have occurred in the first year. Employers must be resilient and able to bounce back.

You have to learn from experienced people, read a book about the business is also very important that you do not repeat mistakes, but you'll get ideas and strategies for success in the future.

You can take courses, seminars and workshops on business, entrepreneurship, leadership and related matters. That way you'll know the right way to start a business and how to run it. 

Hopefully you can transform into a successful entrepreneur, so that you can provide employment opportunities for others, and even inspire others to become entrepreneurs in the future.

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Jobs in International Organizations

Have you ever imagined for the work of international organizations such as the United Nation (UN) or in a non-governmental organization? How to start a career in International Organizations? A job in international organizations is very challenging and interesting. If you are accepted to work in institutions such as the United Nations, you are likely to be assigned overseas. Salary and benefits offered by international institutions is also very interesting, especially for the younger generation who want to crave international experience.

There are various ways to start a career in International Organizations. First, following the recruitment process the positions of General Services, which is usually done locally with the announcement posted on the internet and local media. Second, following the recruitment of Professional Services positions are conducted internationally and highly competitive selection process. In addition to professional qualifications, the deciding factor to consider is the representation of the region, age, gender and language skills.

In general there are two kinds of candidates for the Professional Services, and the means and opportunity to obtain these positions vary according to categories: i) a recent graduate (fresh graduate) with limited work experience, and ii) professional who has had considerable work experience. Here is a translation of a variety of ways to start a career in international organizations for the two categories above.

A) Graduates with limited work experience (fresh graduate)
College graduate with a Bachelor, Master and Doctoral have the opportunity to work in international organizations in the following way:

Internship or Trainee Programs

The majority of international organizations have internship or trainee program that started several times a year and lasts for 2-6 months. The programs are open to students of Master or Doctoral program. Some OI have a maximum age limit between 30-35 years. In addition to the requirements of minimum education requirements are also English language skills are very good and also the possibility of mastering another language.

Internship (Internship) or trainee is an excellent way to gain work experience and build networks (networking) that can be useful to facilitate job applications at international organizations in the future. But the internship or trainee cannot be used as a benchmark to get a job at the International Organization in the future. Some of international organization such as the United Nations even has rules that do not allow internal staff to apply for positions listed in the United Nations during the internship program lasts six months and thereafter.

For those who have aged over 25 years and have little work experience may also join to become a UN Volunteer (see below).

Young Professional Programs

Young Professional Programs intended to attract talented young people and provide opportunities to gain work experience in international organizations. Such programs usually last for 1-3 years.

Although this type of program does not guarantee the continuation of work in an international organization automatically, but these programs are very competitive. As an illustration, in 2004, OECD received 2.500 applications for seven positions on offer. Have work experience and / or PhD degree will be very helpful.

Direct application

Applications can also be done directly. Most of international organization, including UN agencies, NGOs, OECD and financial institutions and research job opening on the internet. The UN has a special e-recruitment system known as the Galaxy.

It should be noted, especially for the Secretariat of the United Nations, the majority of vacancies for entry-level positions were not announced because recruitment is usually done through a special mechanism such as the National Competitive Recruitment Examination (NCRE). There should also be emphasized that for the positions being announced the competition is very high given the nature of the global recruitment. Although called entry-level, but relevant work experience and / or doctoral degree would be helpful.

B) Professional who has had work experience
Professionals who have relevant work experience can join the OI through the following ways:

UN Volunteers
One other way to work in international organizations is through the volunteer program (UN Volunteers). UN Volunteers program currently employs approximately 8.000 employee’s worldwide experience. The volunteers are usually employed in overcoming the problems of humanity, support human rights, peace missions, UN agencies, development banks and NGOs. Assignment usually lasts between 1-2 years.

A person over the age of 25 years and have at least 5 years work experience can apply for a volunteer. Candidates who are selected will be included in the roster for 2 years after being elected. There are various kinds of qualifications are required, and at its current roster covering 115 professional categories including agriculture, health, education, communication technology, medicine, etc.. As with the general requirements on the vacancy of other international organizations, the need for English and French language skills are very good, but other language skills is a plus.

UN Volunteers are very attractive for mid-career professionals. Although this position does not guarantee continued employment, but this type of work can provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience in OI and can be taken into consideration when applying for the international organization in the future.

Direct Application

Vacancy for the position of director of professional categories and published widely, especially through the internet. This process is highly competitive and a variety of factors such as language skills, regional and gender representation is considered. Relevant work experience to be one key to success in order to be elected.

After the reform of the Office of Human Resources Management held in 1998, the UN has a centralized recruitment website, the Galaxy, where all the vacancies available in the Secretariat be announced via the website. UN agencies and other OI announced position vacancies that exist in their organization on their website.

Source of information: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Tips to be successful as secretary

What are your views about a secretary in a company or office? Well dressed woman with high heels and dress neatly. That picture of some people when they hear the word secretary. That is the stereotypical assumption. You should not under estimate the work of a secretary because the secretary is responsible as the employer's right hand in regulating the activity of the company and the intermediary between the parties with the boss who wants to communicate with superiors.

Profession as a secretary is usually synonymous with women, this was due to secretarial jobs require a level of high accuracy and neatness. For women aged 20-30 years, a secretary may be a promising career option. So, what are the requirements to become a good secretary?

Requirements to become a secretary, among others:

As a an asisstant of the boss, a secretary must have certain requirements in order to carry out the job of a secretary as well as possible.

1. Have a diploma and work experience to be a secretary, you must have a minimum diploma degree becomes a secretary or an experienced receptionist / administrative staff for a minimum of 2 years.

2. It has insightful knowledge, insight and skills that will be useful for the company. Example:
a. Mastering a foreign language which will make it easier to communicate with corporate     relations from overseas.
b. Have expertise in correspondence, communications, file storage system, to organize a business meeting.
c. Able to operate computer programs, such as Microsoft Office, email and Internet.

3. Have a good personality good personality is one important condition to be a secretary, the secretary is required to be people who can be trusted because the company holds many secret documents, have a way for communicating with many people, have a good memory, friendly, patient, disciplined and responsible.

4. Secretary to look attractive is the face of the company secretary is required to be neat and attractive appearance at any time since his appearance could reflect company.

Their secretarial duties such as: making a correspondence (the relationship with corporate relations) and they act as a liaison to forward information to the relation.

In addition, the secretary of the meeting schedule is also in charge of organizing the bosses, who receive visitors will meet with the manager or directors, preparation for organizing a meeting to prepare the administrative / accounting firm. The position of secretary is very important and strategic in a company or organization.

To determine the salary of a secretary, work experience also helped determine the salary to be received. The amount of salary according to experience, competence and work performance.

About working hours, the secretary used to work 8 hours a day as stated in the Act (law) and they always got the day off on weekends. But sometimes, employers often ask them to work overtime, but everything is refers to the employment agreement which has been agreed. Usually for women who are single, there are special rules that require them to not have children until the contract is completed or until they are appointed as permanent employees. For those of you who want a career as secretary, began as a young career. So when you are planning to become pregnant, you have become permanent employees.

Additional tips: If you want to be a successful secretary, then you should always add to the knowledge and skills according to your work area. If there is a club or organization for secretary, then you should join. You'll get a lot of benefit if the organization is in accordance with your profession. There are many stories, that the career of a secretary can also be very fantastic, could even be a general manager or company leader. You can reach a high career  in any business, even a secretary can have a higher career in the future.
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