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Work Overseas, tips and solution

World in crisis? Can our government and our senator or parliament member and politicians save us? 

Are you happy with your current position in your office?

There are a lot of job opportunities outside your country. If you’re recent job is not sound so good, it’s time to think twice about your future. You must seek a new solution to push your career. Take your time to search job information both online and offline. Work abroad? Yes, why not? 

Work overseas is an excellent way to make your resume more colorful and professional. Think outside your field. You might be an engineer, but if you're looking for work and you're already living abroad, you might not have a lot of success. On the other hand, you could probably tutor someone in math, English or other foreign languages. 

Deliver your resume to potential employers, in person if possible. Be prepared for the occasional on-the-spot job interview, and always make sure the person you and your resume to know what you're looking for. If you are not confidence about your skills, so you can take an online short course (lesson) or online college.
Work overseas opportunity. Image:
Things you’ll need to apply job overseas are: passport and visa, local bank account, and current copy of your resume(translated is a good idea). If you have enough information about your future employer, you must contact your consulate and/or consulate for further information on whether you’ll need a particular visa to work in that country. You must aware of whether you will need a different visa to work than the visa you already have (a student visa, for example). 

cabin crew, consultants, doctor,  IT job, medical, nurse, job opportunity, job overseas, pilot, professional, teacher, visa, work overseas, Failure to have the proper visa can lead to serious trouble with the local authorities. Also be aware that any money you make overseas is still subject to taxation by your home country, as well as to any local taxes. Make sure that you find quick information about this matter.

Asian and European countries, also other country such as Australia, Qatar, Uni Emirate Arab, etc are opens for foreign workers. They need your skills in many areas. You are lucky if you have a certificate in accounting, nurse, medical doctor, pilot, cabin crew, teachers, hospitality, IT consultants, and other specific skills. It’s a good idea to seek more information online and local newspapers. You can earn more money that you can save for your future investment.
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IT job opportunities in the United States

Are you an expert in the field of IT? If you have a certificate IT or have experience in this field, then you can work and develop a career in foreign countries such as the United States. Do you want to work abroad?
IT job in US, work abroad, work overseas, apply a new job, work in IT
IT Jobs opportunity. Image:
If you want to develop a career in the IT field, then you need to pay attention to the later standard salary you received. You can use standard IT worker salaries in the United States. The highest pay scale in the IT industry gained by people holding positions with the title as "chief". While job-related technical support (technical support) tend to receive lower salaries.

Here is a list of office IT workers with the highest salary (per year) in the U.S. according to Mondo. Perhaps you need to look at the list below:

- Chief information officer (CIO): 195,000 to 230,000 U.S. dollars

- Chief technology officer (CTO): 145,000 to U.S. $ 208,000

- Chief security officer (CSO): 145,000 to U.S. $ 208,000

- IT security manager with working experience of more than 10 years: 145,000 dollars to 177,000 dollars

- Software architect: 144,000 to 170,000 U.S. dollars

- Application architect with a work experience of more than 10 years: 136,000 to 185,000 U.S. dollars

After seeing a series of positions and the highest salary Mondo version, let's see together a list of office IT workers with the lowest wages in the U.S. in the first half of 2013.

- System administrator with experience of 1 to 5 years: 71,000 to 120,000 U.S. dollars

- Desktop support analyst: 70,000 to 90,000 U.S. dollars

- Desktop virtualization specialist: 55,000 to 70,000 U.S. dollars

- Help desk staff with work experience of 3 to 5 years: 55,000 to 74,000 U.S. dollars

- Hardware technician: 43,000 to 70,000 U.S. dollars

- Help desk staff with work experience of 1 to 3 years: 40,000 to 65,000 U.S. dollars
IT job fair, IT job opportunity, job information, work overseas
IT Job Fair. Image:
Mondo predicted in 2014, there will be a surge in demand for HTML5 developers. They will be paid around 97,000 to 135 thousand U.S. dollars.

IT industry in the U.S. is also going to need a lot of experts in the field of mobile devices, big data, cloud computing, and user experience. This huge demand will drive IT workers’ salaries are experts in the field.

Whether the standard is an opportunity for you? Before you decide to work in the United States or abroad, then you need to pay attention to your current experience and opportunities in your own country. If you want to look for job opportunities in the IT field in the United States, you can find information on the job fair or to use a search engine on the Internet. The same opportunities may exist in other countries or the country itself. Perhaps you can be more successful and more comfortable to work in your own country.

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Entertainment Job Opportunities

Since the launch of the MTV many years ago, more and more young people in their teens or early twenty working in the entertainment world. Private channels compete to create programs for young people. Among young man working as a presenter of music, gossip, quizzes and various other jobs. The idea of ​​television shows and outdoor events also started doing a lot of talented young people.

We must have watched talent show like American Idol, the British Got Talent and so on. The event was adopted or imitated many televisions around the world, except some countries that consider such television shows as an enemy or a particular religious tradition. American Idol and British Got Talent  eventually developed as a franchise that involves millions of dollars.
show business, singer, song writer
                      Television show. Image: the

Many young people and other mature age race participated in various talent contests on television, so the born singer new record; it means new born millionaires are popular all over the world, rich and famous. The work in the entertainment field is a promising job opportunities. If you have a talent in music, dance, buffoonery, then your talent can make you famous and rich. You can enter the contest on the television comedy or dance.

The emergence of artists and actors would also foster support occupations such as management team led by a manager, assisted by assistants with specialized fields such as public relations, spokesperson, and makeup, even the maid who would bring bags, hats smartphone or the artist. You can just choose what job you want to select, you can even start a career in entertainment as a dancer, music arranger, camera person, photo model, comedian, presenter, backing vocals, and other work in support of a television show or movie, video clips, television commercials, graphic design, cartoon artists, animation artists, musicians, IT expert, songwriters, music producer, story writer, screenwriter and designer of various events.

Entertainment business and career
musicians, recording job, entertainment business
Build a career in the entertainment field is a job with high risk because you are not an employee with a monthly salary of an employee in the office or factory. Job and your income are determined by the activities of artists, an event contract, the artist and the contract length episode of a television series. You have to keep the spirit, dedication and hone your skills so that you will still be used by the entertainment industry.

If you are a recording artist or movie player, then you need to learn the entertainment business strategy, the gossip as an opportunity to always famous. Your popularity will determine your next job or contract. If you are popular and have a special uniqueness, especially if you have an astute manager to find new projects, so you always get a contract from a movie or television studio, you will be rich. Employment opportunities in the entertainment world also can be found on cruise ships, hotels, malls and amusement parks. Remember, everyone needs entertainment, and you get paid well for this job.
        Show. Image:

Even if you are not an artist or a singer, you can reap a fortune in the world of entertainment. Many employment opportunities can be found. You must be smart to hang out with the actors in this show business. Remember there is no business like show business. Attitude and your passion to increase knowledge and skills will make you survive, even great success. 

Develop your leadership and business skills, and then you can have a company such as home entertainment production, so that you can sell programs to television companies. They do not always make their own products, so many companies have the opportunity to fill the TV show, and you can even sell the film to a film studio or distributor of the film.

The world of entertainment is also an opportunity for event organizers to support the services of musical events, the launch of a new album or promotion smartphone, cars, computers and so on. You could build his career in the entertainment business and successfully as long as you have passion, dreams and discipline. Avoid drugs and alcohol; you do not need to be ashamed resist the temptation of marijuana, drugs and booze. Do you agree?

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Jobs Available in the Field of Information Technology

Do you have the skills, diploma or certificate in Information Technology? Apparently many Foreign Companies and large-scale local companies in the field of human resources require Information Technology (IT) Professionals. Do you have one of the following skills?

1. Software Engineer 
Expertise developed software will continue to be required, even demand software developers, and software engineers will be more. This need is increasing as more and more companies doing virtualization or cloud computing such as Web-based data store. If you are qualified and certified as a software developer, then your chances of getting a job in the IT field will be even bigger.

 2. Mobile Application Developer.
software jobs, IT Jobs, system analyst
Developers of mobile applications is becoming one of the most promising IT profession and most needed in various IT companies as well as companies that manufacture smart phones and Tablet PCs. Innovation and creativity is needed to create applications that interesting, innovative and user friendly. As you know the Smartphone and tablet can do all sorts of activities to support the business, entertainment, gaming and information transfer.  

Developer applications for iOS and Android platforms perhaps most needed. But with the appearance of Microsoft who also makes Tablet PC, then your skills to create applications for Windows-based programs will also be required.

3. System Analyst
Number of organizations that rely on information technology, to make the systems analyst is needed to design computer systems in the various sectors. Healthcare industry, for example, is one of the industry’s most in need of System Analyst along with the increasing adoption of electronic Medical Record (EMR). You also have an opportunity to design an online prescription service or perform customization on a computer system.
network administrator, Information Technology job

4. Database Administrator.
Large companies today are faced with the growth of large amounts of data. Therefore, the demand for labor Database Administrator to organize, analyze and secure data is predicted to continue to rise.
On the other hand, as more databases are connected to the cloud, the security of the data will be increasingly vital and complex. Are you able to perform this important task?

5. Network Administrator
Computer networks are very vital role in the business in this digital age, so that people who are experts in the field of network administrators increasingly needed. Adoption of tablets and smart phones are increasingly spread by migrant workers, meaning more and more organizations are using the internet to do a job or an online business. Expertise and experience in this field is needed to ensure that the communication between the employees, clients and customers are always safe and smooth.

 6. Web Developer
Companies that use the Internet to promote their services or products are increasing. Web developers also became one of the most sought-after professions. Web developers are the experts needed to develop web 2.0. If you understand about the programming language, so your expertise to provide the solutions needed by many companies.

7. Video Game Designer
Security in IT, web designer, games designer, video game designer
You must really understand that the video game business worth billions of dollars. Not just a game for the PC is now more and more games developed for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs. These skills are increasingly required expertise make this game. If you have expertise in this area, especially if you are creative and innovative, then you can get paid a large game development company.

 8. Security in IT
Security issues will always be a major concern for companies that have a network of computers, servers and website. For example, cyber-related attacks are increasingly targeting emerging companies. Apparently people who are experts in the field of IT security are not so much. If you are a specialist in this field, for example, you are able to handle security in mobile devices, risk management, IT operations and security in the field of virtualization or cloud, and then you can also get a very good salary.

Opportunity to work as an IT expert is huge, because some countries are still short of people who have expertise in this field. If you are interested in a career in this field, it's time you did some research on the Internet about this opportunity. Take advantage of your network in social media, friends and family to get information about employment opportunities, and even a part of this business in the IT field.
Employment opportunities in the IT field open to those of you who are already experienced and fresh graduates of the College, School of Information Technology, Universities and vocational schools in the field of IT. You can apply a new job in your own country or overseas.
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