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Part time jobs in United Kingdom for international student

Studying at a university or college and while working abroad is a dream for many students, so getting job experience and extra money to support life abroad. As in Australia, Japan or the United States, then became a student in United Kingdom will also have the same opportunity to working part-time, with the terms and conditions applicable in United Kingdom, for example, about the requirement of work permits for international students.

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Foreign or International students with good English language skills can go far, as speaking more than one language are becoming a desirable skill to possess in the world of business. As an international student you can work for up to 20 hours a week while studying. 

The UK is highly globalised and boasts the third-largest economy in Europe meaning the job market is competitive. There are hundreds of jobs and work experience opportunities for students and graduates in London.

You can study and also working in this kingdom if you study at a university or college that is listed on both the official UKBA sponsor list and the list of 'recognized bodies'. Therefore make sure your college or university listed in the agency. Please see the list on the official website of UKBA, so you will not get in trouble on the job requirements in London or in the UK.

work abroad, part time job, study and work, work overseas, job in UK, work in London, career in London, expatriate, job market, resume, CV,
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If you have graduated from college or a university in the UK, you can go home or working in this country with a good salary, even for graduates of a particular university will earn best starting salary that you can achieve. 

As a global city, London has fantastic links with blue-chip companies in all industries. The city's universities have some of the highest graduate employment rates in the UK. Study in the UK a chance to be expats who can make you better known, making it easier to move work to other countries, even to your own country, and working in a large company with a better salary.

Are you interested in becoming a foreign language teacher in London? If you are foreign students from outside the UK, and you have a different mother tongue than English, you may be able to find teaching work as a modern foreign language (MFL) teacher. The main languages ​​taught in schools in the UK are German French and Spanish. If you have the talent to teach, you have to take advantage of this opportunity because you not only get extra money, your English will be smoother; even you can master the dialect or British accent.

work abroad, part time job, study and work, work overseas, job in UK, work in London, career in London, expatriate, job market, resume, CV,
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According to the official website of SalfordUniversity Manchester, some EEA students may need to register with the Home Office, check the UKCISA website for more information. If you are a Romanian and Bulgarian national, you will need to apply for a student registration certificate by filling in a BR1 form before you can apply for your National Insurance Number which will then entitle you to work.  

There are many part-time job offers in London for foreign students, and you can get information from various websites such as Careers Group London, StudentJob, and Employment 4 students, and of course you can get information on your campus. You also need to ask the senior students on part-time job opportunities in London and surrounding areas.

London is a world-class metropolitan city and has a lot of large companies in various fields, and many of them are multinational companies that have branches or representative offices abroad, maybe even in your home country. It is very possible for you to working in London, then you can move to a branch office in another country, or you choose your own office in the country after you working in the UK for several years. 

One day, perhaps you missed at home, so that you can apply to be transferred to your own town or city nearest to your country, so it makes you more comfortable. Experience working in the UK is also a great stock to add to your experience, and enrich your resume or CV, so you will be easy to get a job or enhance your career at another company.

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Tips for building a better career and a solution to get a new job

 Do you feel your job and your career do not meet your dream? Maybe you need to do some of the things mentioned below, so you can get a job or a better career in the future:

Set a specific target
Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this year in a professional manner. For example, you want to take on three new projects or develop your career to the position of manager. This will help you focus your efforts to reach the target.

Update Resume or CV
Perhaps you are quite satisfied with the current work. But that does not mean you miss better opportunities. Therefore, updating your resume or CV regularly is good practice because you will not miss the opportunity to progress your career. Come immediately update your CV.

Do not depend on educational background.
When you always feel that the work that you do not comply with the educational background, then you will make a bad interpretation. Maybe you do not work too well for you, but a successful professional perform the tasks assigned to him in the best possible no matter where they are.

Create strong network.
Successful employees understand well the importance of a network, both inside and outside the office. You need to be proactive to develop professional relationships. Encourage and invite co-workers to eat lunch outside. Every now and then, go to the cafe after hours. Join the professional foundation. Develop a professional network for your future.

Never stop looking for opportunities.
Of course there are times when you are satisfied with the job you are wrestled. But do not forget, successful professionals are always looking for an opportunity to progress and develop. Pairs of eyes, open ears, and open the horizons for new challenges and opportunities. You never know when it will get something that can change your career become more brilliant.

Sharpen interpersonal skills
Strong interpersonal skills play an important role in gaining the respect of your boss and coworkers. It could also attract attention from outsiders who might open new doors of opportunity for you. Be easy to get along with, a good listener others, practice being a clear and effective.

Never be afraid to think out of the box and sharpen business sense at work. Stay on the lookout for creative solutions to problems and make your boss look better.

Build a reputation
In business, reputation is the most valuable thing you have. Make sure you are known as a professional and cooperative. Make a name for yourself by attending conferences, speeches, or writing articles (blog etc).

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