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IT job opportunities in the United States

Are you an expert in the field of IT? If you have a certificate IT or have experience in this field, then you can work and develop a career in foreign countries such as the United States. Do you want to work abroad?
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If you want to develop a career in the IT field, then you need to pay attention to the later standard salary you received. You can use standard IT worker salaries in the United States. The highest pay scale in the IT industry gained by people holding positions with the title as "chief". While job-related technical support (technical support) tend to receive lower salaries.

Here is a list of office IT workers with the highest salary (per year) in the U.S. according to Mondo. Perhaps you need to look at the list below:

- Chief information officer (CIO): 195,000 to 230,000 U.S. dollars

- Chief technology officer (CTO): 145,000 to U.S. $ 208,000

- Chief security officer (CSO): 145,000 to U.S. $ 208,000

- IT security manager with working experience of more than 10 years: 145,000 dollars to 177,000 dollars

- Software architect: 144,000 to 170,000 U.S. dollars

- Application architect with a work experience of more than 10 years: 136,000 to 185,000 U.S. dollars

After seeing a series of positions and the highest salary Mondo version, let's see together a list of office IT workers with the lowest wages in the U.S. in the first half of 2013.

- System administrator with experience of 1 to 5 years: 71,000 to 120,000 U.S. dollars

- Desktop support analyst: 70,000 to 90,000 U.S. dollars

- Desktop virtualization specialist: 55,000 to 70,000 U.S. dollars

- Help desk staff with work experience of 3 to 5 years: 55,000 to 74,000 U.S. dollars

- Hardware technician: 43,000 to 70,000 U.S. dollars

- Help desk staff with work experience of 1 to 3 years: 40,000 to 65,000 U.S. dollars
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Mondo predicted in 2014, there will be a surge in demand for HTML5 developers. They will be paid around 97,000 to 135 thousand U.S. dollars.

IT industry in the U.S. is also going to need a lot of experts in the field of mobile devices, big data, cloud computing, and user experience. This huge demand will drive IT workers’ salaries are experts in the field.

Whether the standard is an opportunity for you? Before you decide to work in the United States or abroad, then you need to pay attention to your current experience and opportunities in your own country. If you want to look for job opportunities in the IT field in the United States, you can find information on the job fair or to use a search engine on the Internet. The same opportunities may exist in other countries or the country itself. Perhaps you can be more successful and more comfortable to work in your own country.

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Job Interview

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After submitting a job application, you get a chance to be called by the human resources staff for a job interview. You must be happy with the call, so you have to prepare yourself. Some tips that you might need to consider. If you are given a question as described below, then you need to consider the tips and answers you would have to say at the interview.  
1. How much salary do you ask?
Answer: Please indicate the magnitude realistic salary. Look the interviewer's eyes, specify the number, and stop talking. Do not lie about the salary you receive from your previous work (if you're already working). If you feel that your salary in an office that is now too small, give a reasonable explanation.
2. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Answer: Draw a realistic position. About two-three positions on the position you are applying for now. Do not include the ideals that had nothing to do with your job application, for instance, want to be a soap star or become a novelist. Irrelevant answers show you'll appear out of focus.
3. What is your most notable strengths?
Answer: Select your potential relevant to the field of work you are applying for. Avoid generic response as acknowledgment that you are a hard worker. Better, give a response in the form of, "I have always been enslaved list of my own work. You can answer: Because, I do not want to go home before the completion of all work at the office. "
4. What are your most obvious shortcomings?
Answer: Do not tell me you're a perfectionist (indicating that you're a snob). Better to be honest and mention your weaknesses. For example, you are not so good in math, so you deal with a calculator.
5. Why would you want to leave your previous work?
Answer: Remember not to express negative information. If in fact it is, say the word 'positive', for example, that you do not see any 'space' in which you can grow. Then, explain why you think that the work in this new office gives a better chance.
6. Do you have a question?    
Answer: Give at least two questions that focused on the new office. For example, you ask if the office has had a website. Alternatively, you can also question the presence of the CEO that you know just elevated - is made ​​the better the company's performance, and the like. Do not ask about your own interests, for example, whether your career will flourish there.
7. When facing a job interview, remember that neatly dressed, wear deodorant if you have a problem with body odor. Half an hour before the interview remember to drink water and enjoy a mint candy that your mouth feels comfortable and free of bad breath.       Confidence and prayer before the job interview is the additional capital so that you succeed. If you've got a new job, remember with whom I drink coffee in a cafe on the corner of the street. I will also pray for you so that you will be more successful in the future.                                                                                            
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Salary negotiation

When someone applying for a job, whether for the first time or because they want to change jobs, there will be an interview session to negotiate a salary. It is normal if you are working in private enterprise, not government agencies because the government already has a definite standard that is not negotiable.

Everyone wants a high salary. When interviewing, you should consider many things, especially when it comes to salary. Some important things that get attention are as follows:

1. Is the company a big company and has long operated.
2. The type of industry or business of the company.
3. Are local companies or joint ventures (global company)?
4. Do you already have accurate information about the job position you are applying?
5. What educational background and experience required for the position.
6. Have you experienced or recently graduated from high school or university and the skills you have.
7. Do you know the salary standard in the industry or position or job you are applying for today?
8. You also need to know, whether there is in addition to basic salary, is there any health insurance, other benefits such as allowances job positions, there may be service vehicles that you can use for your work and so on

Perhaps there is also a trial period before you are accepted as permanent employees. There are companies that use this system, such as a trial period of 3 months or one month.

If you already understand the things mentioned above, and then you will know the strategy for the interview so that you can does it right? If you already have experience and expertise, you have a good position to negotiate salary and other benefits such as car loan, housing loan, etc. If your experience has not been long enough, then you should consider more flexible. It also depends on yourself, do you really want to stick with your own. Have you not noticed that so many people who want your position.

Other tips for success at the time of negotiation, you should have enough faith and confidence. Note also the way you behave, sincere smiles, body language, how you sit and walk. Do all those well without overdoing it? Make sure you arrive at the interview at least 30 minutes before the appointed time so that enough time to organize your breath, check the neatness of clothes and your hair. If you are a woman, then you need to check the makeup to look fresh and natural.

Before you do that, you may need to discuss with your friends who've experienced so that you get additional tips. This will help you to get a job with an appropriate salary. What you do will also be an effect on your career in the future.
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