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Create employment opportunities

entrepreneur, boss, create jobs Are you happy with your career?
Whether you're looking for job opportunities or want to try a new career? Perhaps you're busy looking at job advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet.

Have you ever had a dream to become an entrepreneur after leaving school? In general, after graduating from school or university will usually look for job opportunities, not a business opportunity. University graduates rarely think to create jobs by opening a business. Apparently the desire to become an entrepreneur does not belong to everyone.

Since ancient times the parents are very few that inspire children to dream of being an entrepreneur. In general, children were told to study hard to get a job as a civil servant, became a doctor, manager, engineer or lawyer. Not many businessman who provide guidance to their children how to be a leader within the company.

Meanwhile, governments in most countries is less eager to encourage the growth of young entrepreneurs. It is sad because the leaders of the country's more serious to support a large company. Rarely leaders of government leaders who recognize that a strong state is to have lots of small and medium entrepreneurs. If the economic crisis, only small and medium enterprises that can survive.

Working in a company is very good to get experience on how to run a business and lead the company. That way you'll know how to raise capital, creating a product or service what you sell, of course you will learn how to market, so companies can make profit. You must make the most of your work to learn how to run the company.

To set up a company not only need capital, you also must have a basic idea, the courage, commitment, vision and toughness. Do not give up easily. You know the business activities are not always profitable. Failures and losses could have occurred in the first year. Employers must be resilient and able to bounce back.

You have to learn from experienced people, read a book about the business is also very important that you do not repeat mistakes, but you'll get ideas and strategies for success in the future.

You can take courses, seminars and workshops on business, entrepreneurship, leadership and related matters. That way you'll know the right way to start a business and how to run it. 

Hopefully you can transform into a successful entrepreneur, so that you can provide employment opportunities for others, and even inspire others to become entrepreneurs in the future.

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The importance of organizational experience

When we look at job openings in newspapers or online job advertisements, never mentioned about your experience to organize when we go to school, college orassociation in an association, club or non-governmental organizations. On job advertisements just mentioned terms of education, work experience, age, gender and d other conditions. However, when we are called to interview, there was a form that we must fill, and there is a column about whether we had been in an organization. We were also asked to name the position or duties in the organization. If there are job applicant who have never been part of an organization, whether in school or elsewhere, then there is the possibility that person could not continue the next stage of the interview, but questions about the organization's experience is just additional info only.

     Thus, organizational experience was considered very important by many companies. Why? Due to an organization there must be a chairman, member, secretary, chairman of the fields, and other positions. Whatever your position, then you will have managerial experience, team work, and understand what the goals and objectives of an organization. Another important thing, that in an organization we will feel the experience of leadership.

Leadership is increasingly important in this era of all-digital, so does our attitude as part of "team work". Is it true that a person is born to be a leader? Others say that leadership can be learned and trained. All assumption is true. Indeed, there are always people who have talent as a leader. They have a charisma that people were often asked to lead a simple activity or critical activity. You should be grateful if someone likes that because you have the opportunity to learn to be a leader.

If you are still in school or college at the time of reading this article, do you deny that the committee was asked to become an activity in school, in your neighborhood, in places of worship and so on. Whatever you are in the committee's tasks, you become part of the team, and then you will definitely learn about "team work" and leadership. You will have the opportunity to express opinions, suggestions, criticisms and even when the organization held a meeting.

If your office there is an event to perform a certain activity, then do not hesitate to propose yourself as part of a team, so if you are appointed to be chairman of a company's activities. This is an excellent opportunity to learn as a leader. Your sincerity will be the special attention of your supervisor, so that your career can go smoothly.

Someday in the future, when the company needed a new manager to lead the new department, then you will have the highest odds. So do not ever doubt, let alone deny that you are required to lead a team in an activity at your company. Such opportunities often do not come a second time.
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