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Life without 9 to 5 jobs

There are many people who are stuck in rut, working from 9 am to 5 pm, and often overtime. They set out from the beginning of the morning, often without a proper breakfast. Many young adults and old age are racing against time, the streets jammed and crammed in the middle of the pollution to get a salary every month or every two weeks.  It seems you can not escape from this routine, there is even a possibility you will live until retirement age. Could you change all of that? How about you?

When we were young our parents always remind us to study hard at school or college, so we can work in a big company. They never showed us how to quit from a job trap and start a business so we can be independence in the future. So, what we do if we want to quit from our current job?

If you quit your job and hang up your own shingle, you might work harder for less money. You may enjoy working from home or choosing your own customers, but you might end up living from client to client without building any real income. This is not a good way to build your fortune.
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Many business owners are unsure of their profitability at a company or job level. They “think” they are making money because they have a few dollars in their checking account. Having money in your checking account doesn’t mean you are profitable. It might simply mean you haven’t paid all the bills yet, so you have a little cash. Cash and profit are two different concepts. If you don’t know your exact income and expenses for each job and your overall business, then how can you know whether you are making a profit? And, if you aren’t profitable, your business won’t last long.
Let’s think big. The real key to successfully creating wealth outside of a job is to avoid the mistake of trading one boss for another boss. You need to stop trading your time for dollars. Stop thinking like a wage slave. Look beyond earned income.

You need to build a business that works for you. Before you quit your job you must make a plan to build a business that offers multiple streams of passive income in addition to your earned income. There are so many exciting ways to design your income portfolio. It requires imagination, bravery and planning. Go to your successful friends and ask their advice how to construct your business so that your daily activities are fun and challenging. Recognize the things that you don’t enjoy or are not good at and search other people to do these activities – outside partners, independent contractors, or part/full time employee.
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There's a free tool in the Internet which will assist you in creating a business plan. Some of the topics you will be required to explain are your Market, Customer, Competition, Marketing Plan, and Research & Development along with financial forecasts. You may consider hiring someone to help you with your financial sheets after completing the written part of the business plan.

Your Business Plan will become your guide and silent business partner - indicating where you need to improve and helping you stay one step ahead of your competition. Make it a priority to have this crucial road map for your business. Don’t forget to set your goal and enhance your vision from time to time.

Let's start a new business. Have fun.
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The simple way to succeed in online jobs

In this internet era not everyone wants to spend time working in an office or a company. If you want to work online, then your dreams come true, even you can make money from home or wherever you choose. Online jobs offer you full freedom to manage your work schedule and to complete the work within deadline without being coerced for doing so. You can enjoy a quality time with kids and family while working at home, and making more money. There are many online jobs are offered on the Internet, but you must choose carefully so you do not waste time, and singe your Internet costs.

To be able to run a job online, then you must have the following requirements: a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, a telephone and your skills. About the requisite expertise or skill, you do not need to worry. If you can open Internet, send and receive E-Mail, and already familiar with social media networks such as Twitter, MySpace or Facebook, then you've got half of the skill.

The smart way to choose Online Job
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Quality time with kids and family while work from home. Image:
What should you do before starting an online job, you have to understand that not all of the promotion of employment opportunities on the Internet are genuine and legitimate. However, there are many legitimate online jobs and well-paid opportunities available. You should do some research, so you must maximize search engine such as Google or Yahoo. This is important to make sure that you are not trapped in the scams online jobs. You will find many large and medium-sized companies that need online workers in various fields, and choose one that suits your skills and experience.

Online jobs that you can run from home include: a freelancer, translator, news writing, web designing, online marketing for various products, data entry jobs, blog writing, engineering designing, medical article writing, and academic writing. There are many company offer online job such and legitimate jobs such as customer service, sales, scheduling, technical, recruiting, and telemarketing positions.

You can also work as: A home based agent, for example, works from a home office gathering, answering customer questions, resolving issues, providing customer care, entering and confirming customer information, engaging in live chat, responding to email, and handling calls with customers.
home based agent, virtual assistant, entrepreneur, online jobs, work from home, freelancer, LinkedIn profile, make money online, online marketing
Work from home, a new career in the Internet eraImage:
Make sure you do more research, because you can do more than one type of work, so that you will get income from various sources, but you should not be greedy. There are several types of jobs and employers who set a deadline.

All you can do is you have to choose a combination of online job that is more flexible with the type of work with the deadline requirements, so you do not bother to comply with the specified time limit. You should also know that there are online jobs that exist in the foreign office, and the different time zone with your city.

Do not lose your reputation, so you no longer be trusted when you apply for your next job or you do not get a contract extension. The quality of work and complete the work on time is a standard which you must meet so that you are known as a professional online worker.

Other online job opportunities that you can choose are as follows: online tutor jobs, call center jobs, transcription jobs, and virtual assistant jobs. You can also find non university-based education and teaching jobs at technology companies. If you want to work in call centers, the company in the field of travel and hospitality tend to have more open positions.

There is good news for those of you who have special talents like drawing comics, then you can get a job from the king of comics such as Marvel or DC Comics. In fact there are job opportunities for cartoonists. You can involved in the work to draw scenes for children's films such as Doraemon, and other famous cartoons that have you know.

It turned to a cartoon or movie filming skilled graphic arts exist in different parts, and involves a variety of skills from a variety of countries, and they do their work online. Even such companies also provide internships and training at their headquarters, so that you and other online workers will be more skilled, and ready to keep up with technology.

 Be sure to brush up your LinkedIn profile, and no more playing around like teenagers on social media, so that you have "dignity" and can be trusted in the virtual world. Your maturity is very important so that you can easily get a better job, and of course with a higher income.
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Do your online jobs anywhere, any timeImage:
Thanks to the high technology and the rapid advances of the Internet, now you can have a career from home, and engage in a variety of virtual job. You can do your job with Bermuda shorts or a sarong in your home, and if you get bored with the ambience of your home, then you can do your online tasks in an Internet cafe or at your favorite coffee shop, over a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch, but make sure you get free Wi-Fi connection.

If you notice from time to time, the online jobs can give you are the inspiration to start a business online, so you are can be inspired to be an entrepreneur, and a bright future opportunities will be waiting for you.

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Create employment opportunities

entrepreneur, boss, create jobs Are you happy with your career?
Whether you're looking for job opportunities or want to try a new career? Perhaps you're busy looking at job advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet.

Have you ever had a dream to become an entrepreneur after leaving school? In general, after graduating from school or university will usually look for job opportunities, not a business opportunity. University graduates rarely think to create jobs by opening a business. Apparently the desire to become an entrepreneur does not belong to everyone.

Since ancient times the parents are very few that inspire children to dream of being an entrepreneur. In general, children were told to study hard to get a job as a civil servant, became a doctor, manager, engineer or lawyer. Not many businessman who provide guidance to their children how to be a leader within the company.

Meanwhile, governments in most countries is less eager to encourage the growth of young entrepreneurs. It is sad because the leaders of the country's more serious to support a large company. Rarely leaders of government leaders who recognize that a strong state is to have lots of small and medium entrepreneurs. If the economic crisis, only small and medium enterprises that can survive.

Working in a company is very good to get experience on how to run a business and lead the company. That way you'll know how to raise capital, creating a product or service what you sell, of course you will learn how to market, so companies can make profit. You must make the most of your work to learn how to run the company.

To set up a company not only need capital, you also must have a basic idea, the courage, commitment, vision and toughness. Do not give up easily. You know the business activities are not always profitable. Failures and losses could have occurred in the first year. Employers must be resilient and able to bounce back.

You have to learn from experienced people, read a book about the business is also very important that you do not repeat mistakes, but you'll get ideas and strategies for success in the future.

You can take courses, seminars and workshops on business, entrepreneurship, leadership and related matters. That way you'll know the right way to start a business and how to run it. 

Hopefully you can transform into a successful entrepreneur, so that you can provide employment opportunities for others, and even inspire others to become entrepreneurs in the future.

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Job opportunity

There is many university or high school graduates who wanted to work in this financial crisis in many countries. There are a lot of Businesses collapse and lost a lot money. You know, that many companies are doing layoffs, resulting in unemployment in our country.

In the midst of this difficult time also turned out many new business opportunities, so you can find many new job opportunities. Humans always make the innovation process. Creativity grows anywhere, even many young people who do extraordinary breakthrough.

If you have not been able to do something new, then you can look for job opportunities by sending a resume online or send a job application letter to various companies. There are always job advertisements in newspapers and online media.

You do not need to worry because there are many companies who became agency and to receive and will distribute your resume to various companies according to ability and skill that you have today. There is also the agency that could send you to work abroad.

You also can visit the job fair in your town. Sometimes there is the agency that represents many large companies that do a large exhibition. It's a very good opportunity for job seekers, even though competition in the market very tight. You should try this.

Whereas there has long been outsourcing company that is ready to receive your resume and you’re CV, so you can get a contract of employment, both at home and abroad. Employment contracts can be for one year or more. Employment contracts of this kind cannot guarantee you will be working longer in a company, except in the company there is a permanent position for you. If no, then you will be unemployed again until you get a new contract. But in this difficult economic situation to work as contract employees or outsourcing is not a bad thing. Who knows you will get valuable experience for your future.

You can find information about job opportunities abroad on the Internet. If you've joined social networks like facebook, friendster, MySpace and so on, then this online community can help you. That the online community has become a very good medium for you, so you can get information about employment in the domestic or overseas.

You must keep the spirit so as not to stress at the time did not work. Fill the time by learning about new skills. You also have to keep in touch with friends so easily get employment information. Or you want to be an entrepreneur?

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